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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hispeedal2, Jan 1, 2011.

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    So, I think everyone knows I've been looking for a packable .22 rimfire for survival needs. I have a pistol, but I wanted something with a bit more utility and range.

    So far, I have looked at the Henry AR-7, SAI M6, Steven's Favorite, and Marlin Papoose.

    Here is what I've seen....

    Every new production AR-7 I have picked up (3 within the last month) had a cheesy plastic orange front sight. Literally I can move it with my fingers. No good for holding a zero.

    The M6s have gone through the roof. What was a $200 gun now goes in upwards of $600.

    I recently was quoted a price on a Steven's Favorite take down. $355 plus tax and NICS..... holy crap. We are talking a simple falling block/wall design. I can remember when they were less than $200.

    Marlin Papoose. Nearly impossible to find. I found one at a gunshow a few weeks ago. Price was similar to a new Ruger 10/22. I found nothing wrong with the design. I just didn't like it.

    Well, I have about decided that a folding stock 10/22 is about the only way for me. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages is the large amount of accessories and parts. I already own 1 10/22. I think that more than any other reason weighs on my decision. I think the best folding stock would be the Butler creek side folder.

    Then I started thinking.... why not the charger? More packable than a 10/22 with folding stock and more accurate/ longer range than a pistol.

    This guy is a bit of a geek, but it seems plausible as a game getter.....

    This really perked my interest too: » Ruger Charger Stealth Sniper
    Being able to take game quietly.... almost like a poacher's pistol ;) I don't think I would "tac out" a charger, but some of the aftermarket items have a lot of functionality.

    Anyone have one? How is shooting such a beast off hand in hunting situations?
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  2. Quigley_Sharps

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  3. NVBeav

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    When I first saw the 10/22 charger my first thought was "who in the world would want that?". There's not much "self-defense" utility, the short barrel would seem to limit it's reach, the weight seemed questionable, and accuracy from a handgun seems only plausible close up.

    Now that you've brought up "packable", the lightbulb is starting to come on. One reviewer say they're capable out to 100 yards, which is plenty for a 22LR. Are the tripod and tactical light overkill? -- hard to say since there is some functionality with both (it's now a weight vs. functionality question).

    Thanks for bringing up the option; for me it would be a better choice than an AR-7 or M6. My daughter has a little Rossi that has 2 barrels (22LR and 410 shotgun). It's pretty light but is single-shot; it would take a miracle for me to hit a flying bird with the 410 (I've tried :^).

    The Charger appears to be another one for the wish-list...
  4. Hispeedal2

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    Those were also my initial thoughts when they came out. Several reviews online say 100 yd accuracy is good and typical 50 yd accuracy is 1/2". That is what I expect in rifle accuracy for a .22 LR.
    The big question I have now is- how "handy" is this unusual design? I am not likely to use it off the bipod. I am likely to use field supports or two handed holds. It seems a bit front heavy for a typical two handed hold. Slinging up similar to the video may give the needed quick accuracy for running small game. I have read that using the crook of your arm in a sitting position is very accurate with the charger- sounds like a plausible hunting position to me.
  5. Quigley_Sharps

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    I use the the Creedmore and Keith Positions when possible while hunting with my hand guns, very stable.
  6. Hispeedal2

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    Yeah. I think most field positions would work. This bird is just so weird, it's a strange transition from a revolver to this. It's not even really a handgun IMHO. More like a "handrifle" ;)
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    I agree that the sling would be a "must have" add-on. I've seen that technique used with a standard pistol with great success, and it could be a convenient way to carry.

    The tactical light could be very convenient in many situations; it would have been very handy when I was following a skunk in the snow over the Thanksgiving weekend (good thing I didn't get it -- pun intended:^)

    The accuracy you mention is pretty incredible for a 10" barrel...
  8. NVBeav

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  9. Whiteboy192004

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    Ive been looking at these lately. Does anyone here have one? Would be a great survival gun if you had to stay on the move
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  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    If you got the ATF permits it might make an interesting SBR... add some 30 rnd or more magazines and you are set to go...
  11. Maxflax

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    My 10/22s with Butler Creek folding stocks and 16 inch Clerke heavy fluted barrels are very compact and portable, fit right in a medium Alice pack
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    I looked at the Charger - doesn't handle as well as a MK11 or 22/45 pistol - isn't as steady as a shoulder mounted M10/22. It is packable - but I can pack my MKII or my 10/22 with butler creek folding stock just as easily.
    Guess I'm saying-don't have any use for the Charger.
  13. Diddy

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    The Charger is a handy little firearm. My kids love shooting it and it is quite accurate. It comes with the bi-pod but not the light and the bi-pod is actually useful. I have a friend that has taken many a squirrel using his charger and bi-pod.

    The only draw back is they do not have any sights so you are forced to use some type of optic. But for hunting that is not so bad.

    It is easily packable and if you already own a 10/22 then you can share mags.
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