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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by evilgijoe88, Oct 21, 2007.

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    i currently have the plain black synthetic stock on mine and i wanted to convert to something with a pistol grip, just as i feel more comfortable handling these. the ideas are i plink with my .22's in all weather and leave the goodies at home during bad weather. i need durability as i shoot allot in cinder pits around here, and i would prefer black as it matches the rest of the rifle. and advise would be very handy, good or bad experiences.
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  3. evilgijoe88

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    yes, but i did also want to hear about which things to stay away from and such, thanks for the links alot of info on the rimfires there
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    OK. Moved back to firearms for ya. ;)
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    I'll have to follow this thread as well. Im thnking I want to build up a custom 10/22 for a truck gun/bug home gun for long trips. My thinking for it is that I carry a handgun that will work for defense and large/threatening game up close and the .22 properly placed will take game up to deer size out to 50-100 yards and no matter how much we all know thata .22 isnt ideal for defense against MZBs, whos gonna stick their head up to catch one even if they know its 'only' a .22? Then the 2 big reasons for me for a 10/22 would be that even if I customize it it still costs less than an AK let alone an AR and since it would often be unatended in a truck I dont want a $1500 rifle there that could be stolen and most iportant, I can easily afford and carry 2-3k rounds of .2 and resupply easier than any other cal.

    Im wanting to put a folding stock on one along with an acurized 16" barel and a decent scope and basicly come up with a semi auto .22 that can be stuck in a backpack when I want to be discrete then can shoot squirles in the head at 50 yards or better when Im hungry or a deer between the ribs if opprotunity presents its self.
  6. evilgijoe88

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    i've been looking at the dragunov fiberforce stock for the 10/22, any pros,cons?
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