Ruger is on a roll......

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hispeedal2, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hispeedal2

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    First, the take-down 10/22, and now the SP101 kit gun:

    I'll tell ya, Ruger is listening to the market. I think I am getting one of these guys too.

    Kudos Ruger! They had ear plugs in through the whole assault weapons ban, but it appears they are listening now. [boozingbuddies]
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    Actually, Bill Ruger went to D.C. to promote the 10 round magazine ban. Back in the early '90's he was always flapping his face about "no one except the police & military need these (meaning large cap mags, AR15's, etc.). He had made several prototype semi-autos and always said he would sell them to the police & military, not civilians. I have no idea where Bill Ruger's head was at but now that he is gone, maybe someone at Ruger is looking to support the American people, not the police state.
  3. Ruger is selling hi cap mini 14 mags now.

    Still hard to get parts though.

    And The mini as bought still needs some TLC. They need to keep it what it is but with a heavy barrel at a lower cost. It is not direct competition for the AR crowd, but for many it is all the semi auto in 223 that they will ever need so long as the accuracy is put in it. (A simple barrel strut is a great start, the heavy barrel would remove that need.)
  4. Hispeedal2

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    Well, that's a rehash of old sh*t from years ago...

    since then, Ruger has released a piston driven AR, tactical minis, and a host of other weapons.

    I don't think there has been a "Ruger" in the company in at least 6 years.
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  5. melbo

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    I was one who tried to spend my money elsewhere for awhile. I have to say that I'm very impressed by the current offerings and high (normal) capacity magazines!

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    I ordered this a month ago...I continue to wait...
  7. Pax Mentis

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    Ordered a 10/22 Takedown today through my local gun store...he said they are averaging about a week from when he orders. Also ordered the new Camo Henry Survival Rifle...I'm getting a nice little collection of takedown/survival rifles. Not sure why they fascinate me.
  8. armysgt

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    Because I am 61, people who mess with my firearms rights are always in my mind. I divested myself of all my Ruger products at the time Bill Ruger was padding his pockets and selling the Constitution & the American people down the river.To me buying a Ruger would be like rewarding someone for sticking a knife in my back. I will rehash old sh*t when I please for the new among us. Knowledge is power.
  9. ghrit

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    Knowledge is indeed power. And, of course, those that ignore history are doomed. It is also possible for some worms to turn, as witnessed (for example) by Japan going from one of the worst possible sources of stuff at the end of WWII to having some of the highest quality products on various markets today. (It's worth noting that some Japanese products are slipping these days, too, so do your research without prejudice.) To say that history predicts the future is a mistake. Buy for what you get today, not what you were sold years ago. That said, if your political preferences say don't, well then, don't. Personally, I don't let politics interfere with reality or quality.

    Thus spake me, and maybe me only.
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    I remember things going along smoothly then king George Bush bought into the idea that honest Americans couldn't be trusted with arms. Ruger looking to save his business spent a lot of time in DC coming up with new ways to ban stuff and protect his interests. Ruger has always made products built like battleships. If you don't know the Ruger pistol you are holding is a direct descendant of the semiauto bans then some educating is in order.
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