Ruger messes up with Mag change on SR-762

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BTPost, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Ruger is known for their quality products and innovative designs, but even an iconic American gun maker can fumble the ball occasionally.

    When Ruger brought the SR-762 to market, fans rejoiced over the introduction of the semi-automatic AR10 type rifle that chambers the popular .308 Winchester cartridge. When the guns first shipped, they were supplied with a 20 round polymer Magpul PMAG and they ran quite well. Apparently a hiccup in the relationship between Magpul and Ruger took place forcing Ruger to start shipping the SR-762 with DPMS 20 round metal magazines instead of the popular Magpul feeding devices… and now we have a problem.

    With the DPMS magazine inserted, the user is unable to fully retract the bolt to the rear. It only makes it about 1/2 way before locking up tight.

    While I’ve found the DPMS magazines work great in DPMS rifles, they don’t work so great in the Ruger SR-762. As a matter of fact, the DPMS mags won’t even allow the bolt to fully cycle once seated. How this minor glitch wasn’t discovered at the factory before shipping hundreds, if not thousands, of rifles packed with the Freedom Group bullet pusher is beyond me. You would think someone in QC would have the presence of mind to actually test the guns with the mags before making the decision to ship them together… but then perhaps I’m expecting too much.

    If you’re out looking for a SR-762 rifle, be sure the rifle you bring home has a PMAG in the box and not a DPMS mag otherwise you’re in for a very frustrating first range trip with your new .30 caliber bullet launcher as it will effectively be a single shot unless you have a spare PMAG in the car.

    - See more at: Everyone Makes a Mistake, Even Ruger | The Bang Switch
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    Whoa. o_O
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    With the cost of Magpul being comparable and many times cheaper than the DPMS magazines, you would figure companies would put aside their differences and look at the bottom line. Most places DPMS mags are at least $3 if not more per mag compared to the Magpul. I'd imagine wholesale to be far cheaper on the Magpul. It may not add up to much per rifle, but when you look at thousands, it adds up.

    Why, oh why didn't I track down Magpul back when I was in Colorado and invest in that company when they started lol
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    Back when the DPMS LR308 was first introduced, the magazines were $49 each. That hurt. C Products made their version for a little less than DPMS's $49- I think they were $35-32 in price. I bought a few of them, as they were cheaper than the DPMS.

    Then Magpul finally made the .308 magazines, the prices of the DPMS magazines dropped to $29 each. It was still cheaper to get the Magpuls (and better magazines, to boot) than the DPMS versions at $25 a piece. I believe I've seen the Magpuls for $18 plus shipping, now.

    The 308 AR has come a long way in just under 10 years. I can remember friends of mine deciding to buy the Rock River Arms version because it used FAL magazines. It was a nice idea, but too bad you couldn't get one right away. My friend wound up waiting a year thanks to the presidential election (the first one) and sending the availability of those rifles and parts to nowhereville.

    On the present day; I wonder if DPMS made a deal with Ruger to buy the magazines at a slightly better price than the Magpuls. I'm sure DPMS is selling them to 'what the market will bear' pricing for us. The question is, didn't anyone at Ruger actually try the magazines in the guns first?

    I can see why nobody that owned a Ruger rifle would use a DPMS in their rifle ***unless*** the DPMS magazines are all they had. The next question is, who is buying them? After I used a Magpul, I wish I could sell all of my other DPMS magazines (and a few of the C Products) for half price and get more Magpuls.
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    There are two different pattern type 308 AR rifles and the magazines dont enter change between the 2 types, not sure if the ruger is a DPMS pattern or a Aaramlite AR10 Pattern.
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    DPMS pattern. The only company making Armalite pattern now is Armalite that I know of. Noveske did at one point, but they haven't done a .308 in some time.
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    Sounds like the problems I encountered with som HIGH STANDARD Military models that had been refurbished. The after market mags just did not fit. After a bit of simple math and a whole lot of head scratching I silver soldered a .25 thick piece of steel on the bottom of each magazine. This raised the mag just right to lock in place with the bottom release and kept the mag in line with the bore.

    I doubt the SR-762 problem is as simple.
  8. Quigley_Sharps

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    Yea sounds right, I know Areo Precision, Eagle Arms and GAP used too just wasn't sure now days who is. Thanks for the info.

    I built one using a CMMG lower .
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    Hello all, new here. I have some experience with this topic as I too drank the Ruger coolaid and now I own a fairly expensive miss-feed machine. I'm using the Magpul Gen3 mags and experience miss - feeds quite frequently. I haven't given up... now my pride in judgement for firearms is at stake. I've fired both 308 and 7.62 and have found no difference in feed issues. Most recently I had the feed ramps smoothed and polished. Have not been back to the range yet. From my observation it appears the bolt is losing its contact with the base of the casing in its forward travel, the round stops entering the bore, the bolt carrier assembly continues traveling forward and traps the round against the feed ramp and the bolt. The round is not sitting high enough in the feed path for the bolt to stay in contact with the rear of the casing. When the round makes that 45 degree or so, change in angle add it starts up the feed ramp a geometry change occurs at the rear of the casing reducing the height of the casing relative to the bolt. If the round was approximately 1/16 of an inch higher in the mag well I don't think there would be a problem. Has anyone had luck with other mags in this rifle?

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    Update: I have found a combination of modifications/parts/ammo that resolved the miss-feed issue. The DPMS SR-25 20 rnd metal mag./ a slightly shorter buffer spring (1.5 inches), and 7.62 × 51 ammo...not with no misops.
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    The moar I read about the AR-10 style of rifle, the moar I love my FAL. [tongue]
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    The magazine issues with the SR-762 are pretty well documented at The problem was with early versions of the rifle, and Ruger started shipping with DPMS mags. In later production the problem was resolved by lowering the bolt with respect to the mag and began shipping with pmags again. I'd have no issue buying one, but I like the m&p 10 and the DPMS GII's a bit more.

    Heads Up. Ruger SR762 no worky worky with MAGPUL Gen3 magazines. - AR15.COM
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    I have had to modify ever DPMS mag that I have, a very simple procedure, but why DPMS released them that way I will never know. Because of this I simply will not buy their first gen. mags.
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    All things made by the hand of man are prone to failure. I tried three different high priced scope mounts on the FN until I said forget about it, and stayed with the iron sights. After shooting AR's for most of my life, I pined for their easy to adjust and highly accurate sights. The grass is always greener...
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    Some are betterer.than others. [seeno][hearno][sayno]
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    [OO] Very [coo]
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    I pretty much like everything that shoots, but no platform is without its issues or compromises. Great as they are, that includes FAL's and HK's.
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