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    Does anybody have experience with the Ruger Precision Rifle? First gen models reportedly were sometimes a bit spotty, but it seems like the issues have been worked out. I've wanted one for a while, but wasn't really jazzed since it only came in a short action. Somehow I missed out until yesterday that it came out in 300 WM and 338 LM last fall, and recently in 300 PRC, which lies between the 300 WM and 338 LM in power.


    The field tests and reviews I've read have been pretty glowing with 0.5 MOA results on the long actions, but naturally these are fro publications that get advertiser revenue, which is why I'd like to see if anybody here has flirted with the platform.

    The 338 LM is a few hundred dollars more* than the Savage version, but it has some features I really like compared to the Savage, some of which are listed below.

    What I like about the platform:
    • It's a "tube" gun, meaning that the recoil is sent to the stock in a straight line minimizes muzzle rise and lessens felt recoil
    • It's based on the Ruger American action so it's almost as easy to maintain as an AR including barrel swaps.
    • The trigger is also a Ruger American, which like the action is Ruger's version f the highly accurate but inexpensive Savage 110.
    • The butt stock is AR buffer tube comparable, so you can use other butt stocks like the excellent Magpul UBR and PRS.
    • The butt stock folds regardless of which one you use.
    • The pistol grip is also AR-15 compatable.
    • Might even be the most important advantage - I can get the exact same platform in cartridges from 22 LR through 6.5 CM, 308, all the way to 338 LM, so I can practice with milder recoiling rounds with an otherwise near identical rifle.
    Now, if Ruger can bring this bad boy out in 50 BMG...

    A couple of reviews:
    300 PRC: Ruger’s Precision Rifle and the 300 PRC | Real Guns - A Firearm and related publication

    338 LM: Ruger Precision Rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum Field Tested « Daily Bulletin

    338 LM: Ruger Precision Rifle Gets a Big Block: Hands-on the RPR 338 Lapua - GunsAmerica Digest

    *PNW monkeys - Lucky Sporting Goods has some really nice prices on these
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    I had a Gen-1 in .308 when they first came out! Accuracy was kind of OK, but it really needed to be broken in, so I fire lapped it in using Tubbs Bullets and ran through the grits until the barrel was properly burnished and then did the regular break in! With 175 gr SMK's it ran pretty consistently under 1/4 Mil out to red line of about 1200 meters! There were some Q.C.issues with mine, but I was able to address them pretty easy and ended up with a slick shooting rifle!
    I sold it and replaced it with a Savage and was sad to see it go!
    Now that they are available in long action, I could see adding another accurate .300 Mag to the arsenal, as the TRG should be kept ready in reserve until it's called for!
    In .338 L.M. I would be very careful, that barrel had better be up to the task or it will never show the potential, something Savage learned the hard way!
    Super smooth bolt with short throw for good scope clearance and rapid bolt manipulation!
    YUGE potential for tuning and upgrades.
    Growing aftermarket support, it's finally getting the respect it deserves.
    Ultra strong action, good ergos, and common mag interchangeability.
    The new long actions take A.C.I.S. mags, which while expensive, rumors are that MAGPUL is addressing this!
    Quick change barrels and they can be adapted to REMAGE pattern barrels super easy!

    Poor Q.C. Ruger was cranking them out so fast that things that normally would get addressed got through, this really turned a lot of folks off and Ruger suffered badly for it! The Action was rough and gritty, the trigger had play, and the bolt had that damn plastic shroud! The Mag Well was too tight, and the coating made it even tighter, the mag release was too tight and it all took a complete disassembly and "De Horning" to clear it up, then re coating in DuraCoat to fix it up!
    Wrong barrel specs, a rifle of this potential should have had a better barrel right from the start, mine was the standard 20 inch spec .308 with tanker brake, it should have been a R-5 at 24 inches and a much better brake! Accuracy potential was not what Ruger claimed for this caliber, Properly chambered and broken in, mine was only ever a 1200 meter rifle on a good day!
    Barrel wasn't crowned all the way to the threads and it had a gap between the end of the threads and the back face of the brake which made carbon build up really quick and a bugger to clean!
    The Chamber was pretty rough, while it didn't chew up the brass, it was sticky and had lots of tool marks!

    All in all, I was disappointed, especially at the purchase price, but after addressing it's issues, it became a super star performer!
    Ruger SHOULD have done all that at the factory and then some, especially at that price!
    By the time all was said and done, it cost almost what my SAKO TRG cost, and only just kept up with a standard Tikka Super Varmint ( different caliber's) but a .308 shouldn't cost that much!
    With a custom match spec REMAGE conversion from Douglas Barrels, the rifle exceeded Rugers claims of 1600 Meters, but cost $500 more on top of the purchase price!

    I would be leary until I had a chance to inspect one closely and got a good feel for it. I would inspect it's barrel and chamber closely and also make sure mags fit properly, lock up easy yet securely, and drop free with no effort! I would expect the trigger to be crisp and to break super clean, and the bolt to feel like it's running in bearings ( Like a Tikka) and I would be highly critical of the barrel specs!
    For a .300, that better be a 26 inch barrel or longer to the face of the crown, and not the end of the installed brake, it had better be a 1/10 or faster twist ( 1/9-3/4 ) and R-5 rifling!
    For .338 L.M. it better be a full 30 inch barrel, R-5 rifling, beveled chamber lip, and 1/9 ish twist!
    Both barrels better better be air gauged and require minimal break in, and the chambers need to be almost match tight!
    If I found the Rifles met those specs, I would be impressed and would prolly add the .300 to the mix! for .338 L.M. I would look elsewhere unless Ruger has really stepped it up!
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  3. Bishop

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    I would like to have one in 7mm08
  4. 3M-TA3

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    The 7-08 is an awesome short action cartridge - ballisticly outperforming the 308 in all aspects after the first few yards and then has a better sectional density than the comparable 30 cal bullet to boot when it hits the target. It's sad to see that it's popularity is fading.

    For now, the best bet would be to buy a used 308 and rebarrel it. It uses a barrel nut like the Savage, so you could even do it yourself.
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  5. 3M-TA3

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    I'm definitely thinking I'll want to wait a few years before going to the long action, and even then will see if Velsey can go over it, especially the chamber. Another reason for waiting is to make sure Ruger doesn't go through the same issues Savage did with the 338 LM. I have definitely seen the pix of the destroyed rifles.
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  6. Ura-Ki

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    My Savage turned out to be stunningly accurate once they replaced the barrel with a proper one! It out shoots the A.I. with ease!
    It sure is a game changer, and Savage really stepped up to the plate to make it right for me!
    Don't look all tacticool, but it's got it where it counts!! THIS is how you build a rifle!
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  7. Ura-Ki

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    My TRG, the rifle all others are judged against, and most fail!
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  8. 3M-TA3

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    That's the Savage model I was most interested in as well. The things I like the most about the Ruger are also the things I most like about the Savage, not surprising since the American action is as close a copy of the Savage as Ruger can legally get away with.

    I'm not a fan of tactifool, though you wouldn't know it based on a few of my rifles, but what I like most about the Ruger stock is the recoil to the shoulder being in line with the barrel, which I really like in my AR's.

    Sounds like I'd be money ahead to get a used Savage and put a top notch barrel on it with the right specs.
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  9. Ura-Ki

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    That's the way I would do it! If you get the BA-110 series Savage, your even closer, as the barrel is already right, just do the rest of it and put a GOOD BRAKE on it and your good to go! Velsey custom made a Bubba Brake for mine, and it really tamed it! .338 Will hurt you without a good brake! LOL!
    Get a Cold Shot scope base and forget all the rails and other do-dads and do it right! Sure makes doping a scope stupid proof and once you know your rifle, it's lightning quick!
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    I had an RPR in .308. Accuracy was meh. I ended up selling it and going with a Tikka CTR in 6.5 CM. I've shot 1/3 MOA groups with it. Nothing against the RPR, but I like my current setup just fine. :)
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    Gun porn at its finest, Carry on !
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