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    Today, it would appear, that Paulsen and Bernanke used the biggest bazooka available EVER, and they pulled the trigger.

    In fact they went NUCLEAR!!!

    It appears that they did not wish to join the EU and <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on">Great Britain</st1:country-region></st1:place> in guaranteeing the interbank lending (to infinity), but reluctantly (so it seems) they did announce that they would do that, this morning.

    Furthermore, they announced that they would buy stakes worth 250 BILLION dollars in US banks.

    They had previously passed the $750 BILLION bailout bill, by putting guns to the heads of congress.

    They FURTHER announced that they would allow BOJ swaps (aka. loans?) to INFINITY ---- NO LIMITS.

    Today, folks (as Denninger likes to say, couldn't help myself) they FIRED ALL THE GUNS AT ONCE!!!

    The stock market initially went up, but then settled down to around a zero percent gain. The NASDAQ was down 3.54 percent. The "zero" that I indicated that the Dow Jones Industrial Average settled at was actually DOWN 0.82%. On a normal day that would be down. TODAY, that was considered GOOD.

    The credit spreads are the MOST IMPORTANT thing that is out there. The Libor and the TED spread did in fact settle back down SOME today. WATCH THEM CLOSELY! If TOMORROW they do not continue to settle back down, but instead go up, and even EXPLODE, then you will know.

    You will know it is time to RUN LIKE HELL!!

    Whatever that means to you. Me and mine are not going anywhere, so RUNNING LIKE HELL to us doesn't mean leaving the country, but rather hunkering down and buying MORE FOOD than we EVER thought we would need, and keeping more temporary CASH onhand than we EVER thought we would need.

    Whatever RUN LIKE HELL!!! means to you... then I recommend you watch the bonds and the spreads and prepare to do just that.

    I hesitate to admit how sad I am that our country has taken the steps that it has. Forcefully buying positions (at the point of a gun, to tell the truth) in the largest banks in America (I blush to type 'that word': America), with taxpayers future money in a GRAND and desperate attempt to get out of what is coming -- and in the process taking over all of this stuff... It feels like Fascism, or Communism... Yet to be determined.

    Where are FREE markets? Gone. We are BUYING them all up TO SAVE THEM...

    Going to work each day and pretending that things are <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">NORMAL</st1:place></st1:city>... This is weighing upon me. I will call no person a ZOMBIE, yet are they not ZOMBIFIED?

    How to go to work and say "How's it hanging" and the other says "It's hanging well." How to mentally survive that kind of (what is it?) torture?

    I say RUN LIKE HELL!!! -- whatever that means for you in your situation. Does that mean "Buy more food" -- then that is what you should do! If your plan is to leave the country -- then you should watch what bond spreads do the next day or two (at the most, I'm thinking) and then DO THAT!

    Have you heard about <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">IceLand</st1:place></st1:country-region>? Could that happen here? Yes, I'm saying it is now inside the realm of possibilities.. Heard of a Black Swan? They are swarming so anyone who tells you what is going on (including me) should be ignored.

    Pay no attention to me, but pay attention to what is going on around us. I say HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!! RUN LIKE HELL!!! (Whether that be to Walmart to complete you preps, or wherever that is!)

    Watch the credit markets, and if the spreads don't normalize, RUN LIKE HELL!! (Raise cash, buy food, secure water, make friends, secure the homestead, do it now.)

    If it doesn't happen, you will have food to eat, cash to spend, water to drink, friends to cherish, and a secure homestead.. Who could complain?

    They went NUCLEAR!!! And the market yawned, and went down only slightly compared to what it would have gone down... (imagine how far it would have!!!)

    How many rabbits left? They shot their wad before going what? Magic?

    That was the big bomb, they let it off, the world yawned, and then SOLD OFF a little.

    What does that tell ya?

    Good luck to you and yours!! Get on the ball!

    I post rants only rarely, in fact this may be the only one ever. It was fun. I will pay for it. But if spreads don't improve tomorrow or the next day, I'm just saying, RUN LIKE HELL!!!

    Regards to you all, once and for all,
    gpond [​IMG]

    PS. It was nice knowing you. RUN LIKE HELL!!
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    David St.Hubbins? "See; it goes to 11":lol:[gone]
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