Runaway greenhouse effect actually disproven?

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    new theories describe (more accurately) short term temp spikes with long term cooling corrections:
    endof the global warming crisis??:

    "Runaway greenhouse theories contradict energy balance equations," Miskolczi states. Just as the theory of relativity sets an upper limit on velocity, his theory sets an upper limit on the greenhouse effect, a limit which prevents it from warming the Earth more than a certain amount.
    How did modern researchers make such a mistake? They relied upon equations derived over 80 years ago, equations which left off one term from the final solution.

    NASA refused to release the results. Miskolczi believes their motivation is simple. "Money", he tells DailyTech. Research that contradicts the view of an impending crisis jeopardizes funding, not only for his own atmosphere-monitoring project, but all climate-change research. Currently, funding for climate research tops $5 billion per year.
    Miskolczi resigned in protest, stating in his resignation letter, "Unfortunately my working relationship with my NASA supervisors eroded to a level that I am not able to tolerate. My idea of the freedom of science cannot coexist with the recent NASA practice of handling new climate change related scientific results."
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    The following pretty much sums up my thoughts on Gore-bal warming:

    The liberals complain bitterly about "corrupt big business", but it's just rhetoric. They're jumping into the big money pot reserved only for their kind.
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    It's all about money and agendas. As a wise man once said - "Follow the money!"

    I personally think Algore needs that Nobel Prize shoved up his "Third Point of Contact".
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