Russia orders large-scale rearmament

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Mar 23, 2009.

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    It's hard to think of them as anything but an enemy ,just like a coon in the hen house
    ya can't let it stay there or real soon ya ain't got no chickens.
    I'm almost 60 now and I have always seen them as the biggest threat we face other than from within our own country .
    They have only gotten smart over the years ,when they did have the might to take us on they supplied the VC with the means to be a thorn in our side .When we thought we had them down and under control they were planing the whole time
    while just sat back and felt fat and happy ,well now the tables are turned and if anybody thinks they will sit back and feel fat and happy think again .
    30 some years ago I lived in NJ and had a lot of Russian American friends and they all said never forget that the USSR will do anything to take America out because it enter fears with their plan to take control of the whole world .
    Most of these guys still had family over there ,most everyone of them came here with their families after WWII to start a new life in the hopes that the USSR would never beat America .
    I wonder how they feel now .
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    Yep, old Russian tactics, upgrade their armament when they still can't feed and cloth their soldiers properly!
  4. Clyde

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    The powers in Russia used the old commie tactic with is the same one used by Lenin:

    1. Bring in foreign money/capitalists to build/rebuild the industry.
    2. Find a reason the capitalists are bad for the industry and blame them for greed
    3. Throw the capitalists in jail on trumped up charges
    4. Take over by the state and wala
    5. Nationalized industry.
    6. Repeat every 50-60 years.
  5. Seawolf1090

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    Sounds too much like what DC is doing NOW...... [ditto]
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