Russia today, US tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by overbore, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Here is a direct quote today, 7 Nov 08

    "We have a stable state ... We do not need a return to the 1990s when everything was boiling and seething," Medvedev told a meeting of senior officials.
    "The law enforcement agencies should keep track of what is happening," he said.
    "And if someone tries to exploit the consequences of the financial crisis ... they should intervene, bring criminal charges. Otherwise, there won't be order."
    The longest economic boom in a generation has helped the Kremlin maintain political stability but some analysts say the financial crisis could give rise to a wave of social unrest".
    Just change ( couldn't help myself) a few names and ---.
    If the US is going to follow the socialist model of economics and "strong central authority" this is what we may expect- and plan for.

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    But it's no longer the international socialist movement, it's National Socialism. Hmm... haven't I heard that before? Some guy with a mustache... [reddevil]
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