Russian Hunger Games: Game2: Winter

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    A Russian billionaire will be hosting real life hunger games.This show will be broadcast 24/7. This show became news when MSM said rape would be allowed, which is not correct. The rules and laws of Russia will apply so if people are raped or someone kills another, they will face consequences but not from the show itself.

    I find this quite interesting. This is one reality show that may not be staged. A real life, bear infested survival show. Thirty people, which includes 15 women who have been declared mentally sane will be dropped into Siberia for a year. They will have to pay £132,000 just to enter, and their trials and tribulations will be filmed by 2,000 fixed cameras and broadcast live online 24/7.

    The extreme survival show will be translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, and there has reportedly been interest from mainstream broadcasters in five countries to air it on television.

    This is a great write up on the show.

    Please follow the link for the rest of the article: 'Real Hunger Games' gears up for TV launch from bear-infested island in Siberia

    I am quite intrigued by this show. It does sound fascinating.
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    It looks as though the girls are depending on their looks to attract a man to watch out for them.
    In a serious survival environment those Russian girls back grounds appear useless.
    If I were inclined to take such a test , i'd much rather pick one of the women here on SM in stead, with a lot more bush craft smarts than all those Russian kids, put together.
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    Here is the contestant list that you can vote on-
    I think some of the contestants have dropped out because the pictures on the site have a few different people. One of them is a hairstylist with a love of the outdoors. I really think that some have no idea what they signed up for. Bears, wolves and extreme cold to name a few plus I read that mosquitoes are really bad in Siberia. I would not sign up for this because the thought of surviving a winter in Siberia is overwhelming. The prep to get ready for the weather is mind boggling. There are only a few months of summer so all summer would have to be used for gathering, building, storing..... shelter, fire, storage, water (melt snow but in what?). Sanitation plus you will need to make traps for game but also homemade weapons because if you start cooking a rabbit, you may attract attention of larger creatures.

    These people are going to have to work together or they will all call for help or die.
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    Hey! I've been to Krasnoyarsk and throughout the Tomsk region! And, yes it does get cold there. Quite beautiful though but not as pretty as our Northwest, trees are skinny, scrawny things. The Wife's brother lives in a little town called Minusink (spelling) a day's train ride from Krasnoyarsk which is the largest town in the region. Yep! Lots of bears there...don't think they are Brownies, think they are Black which is better at least. Don't think I will enter as much too cold for this kid.

    EDIT: Something is not right as this contestant list is nothing but bear fodder, not sure what they are thinking.

    "These people are going to have to work together or..."
    I think that is it for "At the start, they will chose from a storage 100 kg worth of winter clothes, tools like a hand saw and axe, fishing rods, ropes, soaps, salt and sugar." So, you take salt and I take soap and we pool our resources. It is the only way. Cutting wood with just a hand saw and axe to make a strong shelter and warmth for the winter will take two people the entire summer but that means someone has to feed them while they work... Should be interesting.
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  5. Tackleberry

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  6. 3M-TA3

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    Any chance we can get the entire Kardashian clan to compete next year?
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    It's like Ultimate Fighting with bigfoot and bears, and add Honey Boo Boo and a few others please Wow and an afterthought shouldn't Putin be the First one signed up for this
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    do we take bets on who gets eaten by a bear first?
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    Some of those contestants look scary. I am thinking the beautician or the crazy/wild girl will not make it far.

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    30x132000 = 3,960,000 pounds sterling.
    I'm predicting that the 'Producer' is going to retire to a remote undisclosed location after getting the suckers .. erm, contestants into the Siberian wilderness.
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    So is anyone else looking forward to watching this show? I am, it will be interesting to see what they think is important to do and how they set up camp. IMO it should be a good discussion tool for here. Mistakes and ideas to gather for our knowledge base.
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    Having watched a few episodes of "Alone" I read the list of contestants. Probably going to be a short run me thinks. Remember the episode of Alone when one guy didn't even make it till dark the first day because,well, bears? And they were at least somewhat equipped for the challenge. Well heck our ancestors did it but only the fastest runners.
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