russians and U.N. equipment unloading?

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    Interesting site reports:
    vessels in sandiego unloading numerous russian andfrench troopps and U.N.vehicles.

    Unknown amout of UN & Russian Troops Arrive on U.S. Soil :

    with Sestak and Rev Manning on his tail perhaps the pres expects trouble?
    I can't vouch for that intel site ;I've been outputting miles n my royal enfield today, just got back to the "command center":rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    -What this person said.

    When (or if) any foreign troop insurgence comes -it will be like a storm, and besides...the power hasn't gone out yet. That will happen first, along with communications (see also Israel), transportation (FEMA), and days of turmoil leading up to such a hypothetical situation (riots, strikes, looting, earthquakes, floods, pandemic).
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    That's right. Actually, they need only set off a few well placed EMP devices.
    Then everyone is instantly in the stone age - stranded and unable to communicate in any way except shouting to their next door neighbors.

    Locate the tallest trees along your streets and keep your chain saw sharp.
    A well placed fallen tree in the road (or three) can hold up all but the stoutest tracked vehicles.
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