Civics S. 252: A bill to authorize the honorary appointment of Robert J. Dole to the grade of colonel in th

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Ganado, Apr 10, 2019.

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    Yep, I support giving him whatever they can... He served very Honorably and lost a Hand doing it....
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    The award is being given to Dole in my mind as a symbol for those who served so well in WW2. His military career was several years long, his active combat was a few days, and while his actual wounding may have been as a result of being braver than smart, he did his duty as best he could. I do nor fault what he tried to do after his combat either. While it would not have been correct in 1945 as hundreds of more deserving people might have received the promotion, it is I think very fitting that he receive it as a symbol of all of those who served and the many who died, doing the best that they could. We as a people are losing the wise leadership of those who placed their lives in peril to protect our country and many who like Dole lived the rest of their lives with a constant reminder of what they had given so freely.
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    + one ..... His health is not very good. In a recent picture he was being supported to stand by men on either side.
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    The man served his country honorably and suffered the price of war... he deserves any credit or acknowledgement the nation deems warranted for his service.
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    Wise words!!
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    I say hurry for Pete’s sake. What a great American.
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