S. 514, the Deborah Sampson Act to Improve VA Services for Women Veterans

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    Senator Jon Tester (MT), Ranking Member of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, introduced S. 514, the Deborah Sampson Act. This legislation, a comprehensive measure addressing gender disparities, aims to improve and expand Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) programs and services for women veterans.

    The bill would permanently authorize counseling for veterans recently separated from military service and accompanying family members in group retreat settings, including in women-exclusive settings. It would extend the number of days, from seven to 14, VA may cover the cost of care for newborns of women veterans. It would also provide adoption assistance to veterans who have infertility conditions incurred or aggravated in the line of duty.

    S. 514 aims to eliminate barriers to care by:

    • Adding $20 million to retrofit VA medical facilities to comply with environment of care deficiencies;
    • Requiring every VA medical facility to have at least one full-time or part-time designated women's health provider on staff;
    • Studying the staffing needs of Women Veteran Program Managers in addition to determining the need for a Women Veterans Ombudsman;
    • Conducting mini-residency training for women's health providers;
    • Requiring VA to create a training module for community providers specific to women veterans' unique medical needs;
    • Providing support services for women veterans seeking legal assistance;
    • Authorizing grants for organizations supporting women veterans and their families;
    • Requiring VA to report on its use of various primary care models serving women veterans;
    • Requiring VA to provide information on staffing levels of women's health providers including PACT team members and gynecologists;
    • Requiring data collection and reporting on all VA programs serving veterans, by gender and minority status;
    • Requiring VA to report on the availability of prosthetics for women veterans; and
    • Centralizing all information for women veterans in one easily accessible place on VA's website.
    DAV's 2018 report, Women Veterans: The Journey Ahead identified many of these gaps in VA programs for women and calls for comprehensive VA women's health services that appropriately recognize and honor their military service and sacrifices. This bill is also consistent with DAV Resolution No. 019, which supports enhanced medical services and benefits for women veterans.

    Please contact your Senators to urge co-sponsorship and passage of S. 514. A letter has been prepared for this purpose or you may write your own to express your personal views.

    As always, thank you for your advocacy and support of our nation's women veterans.
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    First, I am shocked that a special Bill is necessary for some of these things that are quite obviously needed. Second, rather than a new Bill, the VA should be directed to integrate some of these changes (I personally don't agree with a few of them), if in fact they don't exist. Finally, I do not agree nor support such things that target a specific gender, race or creed of a soldier, sailor, or airman such as "Authorizing grants for organizations supporting women veterans and their families." They all wore the uniform so they are all equal, none more, none less, so IMHO the wording should be changed to "Authorizing grants for organizations supporting veterans and their families"; however, as stated I do not understand why a special Bill is needed and frankly I would not support it if put to a vote. Should they need more money to do more for these veterans then simply justify it and request it to get it into the budget, that is the process.
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    I agree with this and I am a female vet. I don’t want special singled out program. I want to be treated like one of the guys (with the exception of a female centered doctor for that kind of thing just like a male would want to go to a specialized doctor for work on his “stuff”)
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