S&W's M&P Pistol Issues.....

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BTPost, Dec 18, 2014.

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    Thanks @BTPost. I'll pass that along to the Wife's son. Several of his fellow officers have the M&P. He was just talking how he wants one after shooting a couple.
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    Did they Die?
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    No, he's a cop-everybody knows cops can't hit $h!t...[lolol]
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    I've got a shield, have to look into this one.
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    M&P 9C and no problems whatsoever.
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    I bought a m&p performance center pistol last month... its the ported barrel model. the evil monkeys at s&w left out the stryker sleve and it would not chamber a round right out of the box. s&w sent me the part, 2 weeks later after I called. im not a fan of S&W. I had gift certificates from a falling plate series I won at that shooting range I used to buy the pistol. with the optic it was very fast when shooting steel. I usually run a cz75 sp01 in production class, but the m&p might have a hard time keeping up in unlimited class against 1911's with more weight and better triggers.
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    From the holes in the target it appears that the bullet is tumbling, what would cause that, loss of rifling in the barrel, dirty gun?
  9. driftz240

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    knicked up/ misshaped crown
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