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    CENTER LINE, Mich. - An 85-year-old man is accused of kidnapping his wife from a nursing home and taking her to Florida, where they lived for nearly a year before authorities found them.

    Joseph Perez has been charged with kidnapping for taking his wife from Father Murray Nursing Center in January. They lived in Florida until about Nov. 1, when a Medicaid claim tipped off police, authorities said.

    “We’re looking out for the best interests of the alleged victim,” prosecutor John Latella said.
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    Latella said Perez had been a guardian for his wife, who is about the same age, for several years but was stripped of that designation because of how he cared for her. She was later placed in the nursing home.

    But defense lawyer Azhar Sheikh criticized the prosecutor’s office, saying Perez was charged too harshly. A conviction carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

    “This is an extremely sad case,” Sheikh said. “He was just trying to help his wife. He doesn’t belong in jail. This man needs to get some help. He cares for his wife. He wanted to take care of her and did nothing to harm her.”

    Perez is being held in the Macomb County Jail, while his wife is living in their Warren home under full-time care.
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    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member many people out there making choices that used to belong to me:
    I am no-longer my brother's keeper.
    too many people with voice in matters of none their concern,
    lest the sky fall to the ground.
    Would I choose to die in bed beside one that loved me?
    or in the care of strangers for hire?
    one day, you asked what has happened to shame?
    We are drowning in it.
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    My feeling exactly.

    I made the choice to care for both of my parents when they were dying. Would either or both of them have breathed days or weeks longer if they had been hospitalized? Possibly. But I will never forget the Sunday morning I was bathing my mom and she said "no one could bath me more lovingly than you do." Or the morning my dad died as I was holding him in my arms and the words he heard as he left this life were "I love you Dad."

    To me, that is the essence of life.

    There is no nurse or caretaker who could have possibly brought that comfort in their final moments.
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