Sadlak acquires OnCore Targets

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    SADLAK Manufacturing Acquires OnCore Targets, Maker of Market-Leading Self-Healing 2D Animal Targets

    Mike and Sean for Press Release.
    SADLAK Manufacturing (SADLAK) in Coventry, CT announces its acquisition of OnCore Target Company, creator of market leading self-healing ethafoam 2-D animal targets used by the global competitive archery circuit and bow hunting industry.

    After a successful collaboration bringing self-healing ethafoam 2-D targets to archery competitors and outdoors enthusiasts, SADLAK and OnCore Target President and Founder Sean Callanan entered into an acquisition agreement.

    Callanan, IBO World Champion and three-time World Bow Hunter Challenge Champion, will stay on with the product line in design and promotions and will Captain OnCore's Professional Shooting Team.

    SADLAK is best known in the firearms industry for its high quality AR15 and M14 Rifle Parts. Using the strength of its current rifle parts distribution network and recognizing a relational growth trend in archery, made a tactical marketing shift into archery. This acquisition of OnCore and with Sean Callanan's experience and design in archery will allow SADLAK Archery Products to strengthen its presence in the archery market.

    SADLAK will continue OnCore's mission of offering high quality, affordable Self-Healing 2-D targets.

    Oncore Archery Targets
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    It seems like a sound strategic move on the part of Sadlak.
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    Sounds like, more work, for RH, to me......
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    and better job security too I guess.
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    We have been the manufacturer and sole fulfillment center for Oncore Target for several years. I think the primary increase in workload will be the result of increased sales as we pour a lot of man hours and dollars into marketing. Earlier this year, we became Oncore's only true distributor so we started ramping up but Sean Callanan's marketing abilities were limited by time. We've spent the lat few years building a marketing department that can respond to new challenges. Our goal is to broaden the product line to include metal fabricated parts and to that end, after less than a month, are in the early stages of manufacturing of our line of arrow tips with a few other parts in the concept stage.

    Mike and I tell the story of when we decided to get into the firearms industry about 15 years ago - he engineered and handled production and I was responsible introducing our products to the M14 community and developing sales. We were complete unknowns in the beginning but we worked hard and here we are today, a leader in not only the M14 community but also the AR15 arena.

    A little over a year ago, we acquired a company, SGA Components, that produced replacement valves for the glass bottle manufacturing industry and have already doubled the annual sales from when we bought that company. At least half of these sales are international with weekly exports to Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Taiwan. As with all of our other products, including our machine tooling line, we manufacture everything in house. We also have a division that does nothing but contract assembly for such companies as Glorious Outdoor Products which sells it's "Spearhead Spades" not only to gardening outlets but also QVC who buys hundreds of thousands of shovels a year.

    The growth of our business has been a combination of risk taking and the investment of a lot of hard work. Our goal is to be a world class manufacturing company. We have a simple philosophy of production and customer service - unacceptable, poor, good, better, best. We strive to never fall below "best" and anything less than "better" is our unacceptable.

    It's been a heck of a ride as Mike and I have seen our little company grow from 3 of us doing machine design to where we are today employing 45 people and bulging out of our 25K sq ft facility filled with high tech CNC production equipment.

    PS...Did I mention that along the way we've gone through times of abject poverty, when Mike and I went over 2 years without taking a paycheck so that we could pay a few guys to run the 30 - 40 y/o machines we had acquired at auctions; with Mike relying on his wife for support and me relying on my retirement account; times when we couldn't even afford to buy an extra box of paper clips and would scrounge them from drawers at home and the floor of our trucks? And the first time we sent Mike to SHOT Show, as an attendee only, we didn't know where we were going to get the money to pay for the trip but he came home with our first order for 1,000 pc of our gas blocks. That was the turning point for us and that's what I mean about risk taking.
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    More power to you, Mike and the rest of the team.
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