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    We have a special sale for the month of April:

    Buy three (3) NM Spring Guides and get $20 off the regular list price for the total order.

    Your net cost for three (3) Spring Guides shipped together (to the same address) is $102.50 which includes the cost of shipping via USPS.

    These spring guides are in stock and ready to go out the door but the sale is limited to the first 200 pieces ordered

    We accept Master Card and Visa, checks, and money orders.

    To make sure Forum members get this special discount, PM me here.

    The Sadlak Industries National Match Spring Guide brings the evolution of this critical National Match quality part one step beyond the Brookfield Precision Tool spring guide. Although our spring guide is based on the Brookfield design with the machined mag catch, shaft, and flats, we didn't want to take the chance that the weld operation had any adverse effect on the finished product so we took the extra time and expense of machining the entire spring guide from a solid round stock. This assured perfect alignment of the mag catch with the shaft and allowed for uniform heat treating of the whole part.

    The key to a good spring guide is the hardness and straightness - the hardness so it won't wear too fast and the straightness so it won't bind but will consistantly guide the op rod for maximum accuracy. The Sadlak Industries spring guides are hardened to 40 - 45Rc which is the USGI spec. In addition, each of our NM Spring guides is hand inspected for straightness of .003 max. over the length of the guide. The result of this attention to detail is a spring guide which weighs 64.36 grams (2.26 oz), has the straightness to properly align the spring without binding, and the hardness to stand up to extended use without appreciable wear.

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