Sadlak Reinforced QD Post Assembly for M14 Stocks

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    The Reinforced Quick Disconnect (QD) Post Assembly, manufactured by Sadlak Industries, replaces the stock M14 front swivel for a more rugged, durable Bi-pod attachment.

    To eliminate cracking of the stock during heavy recoil use or rough handling, the oval washer design has approx. 3 times the load disbursement over the standard single QD post.

    Designed for use with a Harris Bi-pod or other Bi-pods using the standard QD post. Once the QD post is installed you have flexibility of attaching a Bi-Pod or detachable QD Super swivel (optional accessories #6A, #6B see
    below). All hardware and screws have milspec. Manganese Phosphate finish. The internal Nut Plate can be further supported by permanently bedding it into the stock using Devcon Steel Epoxy or other bedding

    140050 Assembly Includes:
    #1: Interior Oval Nut Plate
    #2: Exterior Oval Washer Plate
    #3: QD Post, #10-32 Thread
    #4: Disc Lock Washer 2 ea
    #5: Button Screw, #10-32
    1/8” Hex Key

    Price: $39

    You can read more about the Reinforced QD Post Assembly, see photos, and read the installation instructions in our website Library

    Reinforced QD Post Assembly

    Call us at 860-742-0227 Ext 14, or email us at sales@sadlak,com with questions and orders.
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