Sadlak Spring Guides are in Stock

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    Sadlak Spring Guides are in stock and shipping at $38.50 each plus $7 S&H.

    Each spring guide is hand inspected for straightness within .002. Last week, Mike worked all night inspecting. We had to get these to the the parkerizer before the beginning of their 7am shift so we could have them back by that night. We had an last minute emergency military order for a unit being deployed this past Wednesday and the armorer urgently needed them. We told them we would do whatever we had to do to make it happen and we did.

    I got some photos of Mike at work during inspection.


    When you order a Sadlak Spring Guide, you can be assured that every Spring Guide is hand inspected this way.

    You can order by PM-ing me here, phone 860-742-0227 Ext 14, or email

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