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    I'm needing some tools and I hear you have some good stuff
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    Service Tools for M14/M1A

    Sadlak Industries offers a line of gas cylinder service tools for your M14/M1A.


    Gas Cylinder Combo Wrench and Cleaning Drill Set available in two colors and two materials.

    The aluminum model is CNC machined from ½ thick aircraft quality 6061 heat-treated aluminum. The thicker material and large beveled edges provide added comfort. - $24

    The Steel model is CNC machined from 1/4 thick steel with a smaller beveled edge. Both wrenches are designed to fit all original USGI and most commercial gas cylinders. - $27

    The large hole in the wrench is internally D-Shaped to conveniently hold the small end of the piston to precent it from rotating during cleaning

    For foreign made gas cylinders, we offer an over-sized version available only in ½ thk. alum., olive drab color. - $34

    Cleaning Drill Set

    The cleaning drill set includes a #15 (.180 dia) & Letter ‘P’ (.323 dia.) drill for scraping the carbon deposits from the internal bores. The drill handles are CNC machined from the same type of 6061 aluminum with a comfortable ergonomic design. - $28

    All tools are finished with a baked-on Non-Mar Mil Spec coating (same spec used by the military) in your choice of colors. This finish is .002 - .004 thick and very durable, plus, the wrench won't damage or mark your gas cylinder.

    The Tool Story
    Our line of tools came about when Mike Sadlak needed a new gas cylinder wrench for his super match M1A and the best thing he could find was poorly made but quite expensive. Mike is an engineer, owns a machine shop, and is a competitive shooter so his first thought was to make his own wrench. Simple as that, we were on our way to a new product line. When he was talking one of our dealers, Dan's Shooting Supply, Dan suggested the 'D' shaped hole be added for the piston so that feature was added. Another manufacturer thought this was such a good idea that they recently came out with their own wrench with this feature. As they say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

    The finish coating became an adventure. I must have a dozen wrenches sitting on my desk with different types of coating in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Since the tools needed something that would protect the cylinder from any damage and would be strong and durable, Mike finally selected the mil-spec coating.

    The drillset was a natural next step in the tool area. Mike approached this as he does all new products - sketch his idea on paper, head for CAD software, design, redesign, redesign, machine a prototype, redesign, machine a prototype, redesign, etc. until it meets his expectations. He usually ends up tweaking product design after a full production run so we may see some small changes in future runs.

    Most people don't realize how much time and effort it takes to bring simple products like these to market but when they are as well received by end user as our toolset has been, it makes it worthwhile.

    You can see more of our products and read more about our tools on our website at

    Give us a call at (860) 742-0227 Ext 16 or send us an email at with any questions or comments
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