Second Amendment SAFE Act crumbling?

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by CATO, Mar 19, 2013.

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    They don't make 7 round mags eh? THAT is what's stopping this legislation now--nevermind the fact that 1911s come standard with 7 rnd mags?

    These libiots can't even admit when they've been beat. ANY restriction on magazines is pointless and will have no impact, but that's not what they're after: a total ban and registration for anything else. This is a setback for them . . . but, wait till those pictures get leaked.

    New York To Ditch Seven-Round Mag Cap Limit | The Truth About Guns

    Staring down the proverbial barrel of a voter backlash and civil disobedience on an epic scale, New York legislators are looking at walking back the seven-round ammunition capacity limit contained within the ironically-named SAFE Act. “Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says that’s one of several, mostly ‘technical’ changes to the nation’s toughest gun control measure rushed into law in January one month after the Newtown, Conn., shooting,” the AP reports. “Silver says the leaders are considering the change because seven-bullet magazines aren’t manufactured. The standard is 10-bullet magazines. Silver calls it one of the ‘inconsistencies’ in the law that need to be fixed.” So that’s what you call it when Democrats and mealy-mouthed Republicans wipe their feet on the United States Constitution. Anyway, winning?
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    repeal or fawk off...
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    The NRA, and some local Gun Owners, filed Suit in a Federal District Court in Western New York State, asking for Judgement on the Constitutionality of New York State's SAFE Act, today. The suit seeks relief, from this Unconstitutional infringement of the 2nd Amendment, because it violates, both the Heller, and McDonald, Rulings.

    Yea, Baby, Go, Go, Go.....
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    We are in contact with them and we'll let you know what's going on as we find out.
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    Yeah they should out a lot of thought into that legislation. In days gone by a legislator would be laughed out of office pronto for writing such poorly crafted bills let alone pushing it, voting for it and making it law. Our standards for representation have slipped a long way into the gutter of ignorance.
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