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    Not cracking.....busting.....ahahaaaa....

    So, we had this old safe sitting around the barn for years. Cleanup time came, and we decided it was time for the old dog to go the scrap yard. Came out of my wife's father's insurance business from many years ago, combination long since lost.

    My brother-in-law had it at one time, and tried to get into it by cutting on the hinges with a torch, thinking he could just take the door off.....well, he only go one hinge cut ( pretty tough metal ) and gave up....pretty much ruining the safe in the process....not that it would have worked anyway, since I assume the handle throws a set of bolts out so even if you cut off both hinges, the door wasn't coming off.

    So, I got to wondering how tough the sides/top were. As it turns out, NOT tough at all !! Fairly thin metal ( like maybe 3/16's ) with about a 3" layer of some type of cement ( for fire resistance I guess ), followed by another inside layer of the same metal. Took about 10 minutes with a 2" hole saw to drill right thru the side and top.

    Stuck a flashlite in the top hole, and viewed thru the side had MONEY in it ! We could see an old cigar box with some coins and a few paper bills....



    SO, then it's time to get SERIOUS about a hole.....took the side grinder, and put a metal cutting disk on it, and cut a 12x12 pc out of the side.....took the demo hammer and busted out the cement liner, then the side grinder again to the inner metal side, and reached in. Took maybe 20 minutes to access the inside. So much for "safe".......


    About $50 face in 90% pre-65 coins, and about another 50 in post 65 stuff...and couple silver certificate ones, and a single 1963 series 5 buck "red seal" (the one that probably got Kennedy killed as he tried to end the FED ) US note. Not a huge treasure, but certainly work a little work !

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    Awesome find! I love it! Congrantulations!
  3. Tracy

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    More of life's adventures get started with those 4 little words. :)

    What a fun time! Thanks for sharing!
  4. beast

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    coogles, congrats
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    I see some military ribbon's...
    What's the story about them???
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    Better be quiet about it!!!

    Or Captain Jack Sparrow'll be after ye and your treasure hoard!!
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    You came out a heck of a lot better that Geraldo did! [LMAO]
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