Safecastle Buyers Club Up and Running - Hurry!

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by JC Refuge, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. JC Refuge

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    We've put a lot of effort into it so far, and it has taken longer than I thought it would. But at long last, we are taking in members to our Safecastle Royal buyers club and we are open for business.

    Right from Day One, we are able to offer some very special deals (such as 3-can packages of rare surplus Mountain House Diced Ham!--very limited quantity ready to ship immediately), so we think we're off to a great start.

    Many of you know that we have been offering SM members the best discounted prices possible on numerous preparedness products--sometimes in group buys, otherwise from our everyday product listings.


    By going to a private buyers club model, we are able to circumvent minimum advertised pricing requirements that some manufacturers and distributors have in place for their products. Heck, we don't have the overhead other resellers have, so we can sell lower in some cases. Of course, that doesn't sit well with some of those competitors, so the distributors hear about it. Bottom line--that's why we are moving to this model--to be able to continue to offer our friends the best prices and service possible while staying out of hot water with our suppliers.

    The deal is, a one-time $19 membership fee gets paid. I send you the url to the members-only site along with username and password. Then you're in. Lifetime membership, free shipping on all products, and a guarantee that you will always be satisfied with us.

    Buy anything in our members' store. Or go to our other sites and find what you want there--just contact me directly to do the transaction privately. In fact, some members here can testify that we will also do our best to find a product that we DON'T list, to get you your best price--just let us know and we'll try to locate it for you at wholesale pricing.

    On and on I could go. But enough for now.

    Here's the url to our Safecastle Royal sign-up site:

    We hope to keep building your trust in us!
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  2. melbo

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    Sounds good JC.
    You have an example of the savings for a Royal member vs an Ebay buyer?

    You've always taken real good care of us on pricing... This sounds better yet.
  3. JC Refuge

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    Good question, Melbo. A few examples for you:

    The standard 150-can Mountain House package we sell is priced at $3199 in our ebay store (already below MSRP of $4068), but club members get it for $2499.

    The 48-can package is listed at $1034, shipped, on eBay. Club price is $799.

    The Montague Paratrooper folding bike costs $705, shipped, on eBay. Club price: $580.

    Everything ships free. :)
  4. Clyde

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    that is a dang good club
  5. JC Refuge

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    SteriPEN Adventurer and Non-Hybrid Seeds are shipping

    Just a heads-up for my pals here who haven't yet gotten on our email distribution list or joined the buyers club ...

    We just listed a couple new items for Safecastle Royal members, for immediate free shipping ... still in-time for Christmas.

    One - The very cool new SteriPEN Adventurer handheld UV water purifier, along with the new SteriPEN solar charger carrying case, AND with the wide-mouth bottle pre-filter. All this in one very-low-priced package for members. Prices must go up $30 January 1, though even then, the club price will be excellent.

    Two - We again have cans of non-hybrid vegetable seeds, 16 popular varieties, triple foil packages, sealed in a can ... to store for 4+ years, to plant up to 2/3 of an acre ... complete with EZ gardening instructions.

    More good deals just around the corner!

    Go to to sign-up. A one-time $19 fee gets you access to our super-secret website that requires high-level clearance and spook-quality passwords (insert Maxwell Smart smilie). Better buys will not be found anywhere, so you quickly recoup your membership fee. Satisfaction guaranteed, of course.
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  6. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Thanks for the peace of mind JC
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