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    Spring is in the air (prematurely around here) and we're in the crazy mindset of shoveling stuff out the door to make room in our tiny warehouse.

    This sale will not last long--FREE stuff of your choice with a qualifying purchase: =39

    Get a membership (right off the top, 20% discounts on everything) and start combining our various other special offers with this FREEBIE offer and you can't help but go, "Wow! How did I get so much great stuff for so little money?"

    This may turn out to be the most stupid thing I've done so far--so I may have to change my mind about all this free stuff (fair warning--move fast if you want to take advantage)--we shall see.
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    It would be great if you sold 5.11
  3. JC Refuge

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    For the benefit of those who don't want to look beyond a list price to figure out what their savings would be at Safecastle Royal, I'm going to give a current example of what one might decide to reel in from some of our special offers and regular listings ...

    1. Pay the one-time, lifetime membership fee of $19 (get 20% or more off everything in the store from here on out). Wait for your coupon codes to arrive after you join--should come quickly via email.

    2. Then go straight to our Special Offers page-

    3. Start in the Knives and Tools section. Note the Knife-Lovers add-on package, a $76 value--priced at $18 for members! To qualify for that add-on package, you need to buy a Columbia River or SOG knife (at a 20% discount). Let's say the SOG Trident Desert Camo appeals to your inner commando. You make that purchase at the member price of $74.39 (80% of the list price).

    4. Time to move back to Special Offers, to the Comms, Nav and Surveillance section. You recognize that the NukAlerts there are nicely priced for members--$127 (80% of list for members). The Canon 10x30 image stabilized water-resistant binocs also get your attention. A regular price of $649.95 is marked down to $584.95. The member discount taken on top of that (80% of that sale price) brings those binocs down to $468. You decide to think that over, but of course it's very tempting! [​IMG]

    5. Now, over to the Katadyn Micropur tabs listing on the Special Offers page. 30 tabs for $1 ($18 value) with a qualifying Katadyn filter purchase. Look at the list in the right column on that page. The brand new dual-tech Vario is llisted at $86.90. Apply the member discount and you get that Vario for $69.50.

    6. You shop around a bit more, realizing that everything you find is going to be discounted 20% or 23% (MH food) off the list prices. Some of the deals are unbeatable for those who recognize them, and all of them are good deals to say the least! For now, you decide to tally what you have in your cart already:

    a. The SOG Trident for $74.39
    b. The Knife Lovers package (Maxpedition dual sheath, Sentry Solutions kinfe care kit, and Maxam multi-tool and knife combo) for $18
    c. The NukAlert for $127
    d. The Katadyn Vario for $69.50
    e. The MicroPur tabs package for $1

    The total for this transaction comes to $290 (and of course, as always, everything ships free!)

    NOW, go to the Freebies page off the SPECIAL OFFERS page and realize that your purchase entitles you to $190 in freebies off the long list there.
    So you add a NightStar Shaker value pak, a Shaker siphon, a Katadyn Guide filter, and an FS104 metal match firestarter--all for no additional charge!

    Bottom line--for your total expenditure of $309 (including the lifetime membership fee) you haul in a total of almost $620 worth of brand new, top-quality preps! Plus you carry forward the club membership discount as well, for ongoing savings opportunities. I doubt you will ever find a better deal on such a great package of products (and of course you choose what it is you want).

    I can't do this for long, so please take advantage of my spring fever while it lasts.
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  4. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Emergency Essentials Store Vendor

    Thanks for the suggestion, Gary. I'm going to look into it right now.
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