Sailor in Iconic WWII Kissing Photo Dies at 86

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    Yet another member of a generation we owe so much passes...

    Glenn McDuffie was 18 years old the day World War II ended. Having just exited a New York subway station at Times Square, McDuffie, a sailor, heard the news, grabbed a nurse and kissed her. Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt captured the the moment, which became synonymous with V-J day—August 14, 1945.

    McDuffie died March 9 in Dallas. He was 86 years old, according to the Associated Press.

    Sailor in Iconic WWII Kissing Photo Dies at 86

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    The pic is famous, and justifiably so. Thing is, Eisenstaedt saw it happen, then must have got them to repeat for him. Lotsa folks standing around watching, check their feet to see that.
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    The older women in the dark shoes who appears to love the scene that may have been risqué in 1939 seems to sum up the joy of the end of a long war.


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