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    HH6 asked me to post a reminder, in case anyone interested had forgotten (since I suck at keeping that shit in front of readers’)….

    We have four classes coming up in August, in the vicinity of Salem, OR.

    5-7 AUG 2016 Clandestine Carry Pistol (this is Fri-Sun)
    8-9 AUG 2016 Tactical Combat Casualty Care (this is Mon-Tue)

    11 AUG 2016 Auxiliary and Support Operations Course (this is the following Thursday)
    12-14 AUG 2016 Combat Rifle Fundamentals (this is Fri-Sun)

    For class details, and to register for these classes, contact HH6 at

    For anyone interested, HH6 has been offering some pretty spectacular special offers for people who are taking the Auxiliary and Support Operations Course and/or the TC3 course, in addition to one or both of the shooting-centric courses.

    In fact, if you are really ambitious, and sign up for both shooting classes, I’ll let the first three people to sign up for both into either or both of the others (TC3 and Auxiliary) for free, because we believe they are that important.

    If you’ve been hesitating for some reason, you need to get on it though, before she closes registrations for these classes (we’ve got to get support materials en route). Seriously, registration deadline is like 11 or 12JUL, according to what she informed me of this morning.

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