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    ITS SUMMER!!!!

    Salsa - White Vinegar, Oregano
    • 1- 28oz can whole tomatoes (Peeled) (if using home canned tomatoes in quart jars you may need to add more dried oregano to soak up the extra liquid)
    • 5 whole roasted jalapeno chilies (De-Seeded and Cored)
    • 1 whole white onion (small, Cut in half)
    • 6 cloves garlic (Peeled) you can use less of this if you aren't a garlic fan
    • salt (to taste)
    • black pepper (to taste)
    • 2 caps white vinegar (this adds a little bite and helps preserve the salsa longer)
    • ¼ to ½ cup dried oregano
    • cumin (optional but if you dont have dried oregano cumin and cilantro are a good second choice)
    When I make this I usually double the batch and keep in refrigerator.
    Roast Jalapeno’s peel, core and remove seeds (I like mine finely chopped).
    Chop tomatoes (I use whole and chop the tomatoes as the flavor seems better to me)
    Chop other ingredients and mix in large bowl. Put the oregano in last as this adds flavor and absorbs the juice so you can adjust how runny or firm your salsa is.
    I like mine chunky so I don't use a food processor or blender but you can use either of those if you like smoother salsa.
    Salsa Fresca
    Is basically the same recipe above but you you fresh ingredients right out of the garden. When the tomatoes are fresh you can leave the skin on or off. And you can go lighter on the oregano in fresh salsa so that you dont overwhelm the taste of the other ingredients.

    buy cheap liquid mix
    Double the tequila!!!! (if its the weekend do 3 shots)
    pour over ice and drink while you roast the jalapeno's for the salsa (see above)

    Surprise gift for best salsa recipe and one for margarita recipe
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    Abuelita's Green Salsa

    Quarter these ingredients, then roast them on your barbecue. Try not to blacken, just brown and delicious all over:
    Two quarts of tomatillos
    two poblano chiles (seeded, if you're a big baby)
    two jalepenos (seeded, if you're a big baby), at least
    One bulb of garlic, peel the whole thing
    One onion

    Put the roasted ingredients in your mixer/food processor with:
    A bunch of cilantro (or three big handfuls): remove the stems, you only want the leaves
    1/4 c of lime juice
    2 tblsp ground black pepper
    1 tsp of sugar

    Now blend them to the consistency you prefer and refrigerate until cool. I like it chunky, husband likes it very fine. My inlaws add tecate, but I think it's already a bit runny.

    Also, you can take it hot and add some hominy or choclo, and pork or chicken and voila, you have posole. Or, you can take it hot, blend it very fine, and use it as enchilada sauce.
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    Salsa Moto Style
    (no measuring required)

    Dice up a bunch of plum tomatoes- throw in a big bowl
    Dice up some fresh cilantro (can never have too much IMO)
    Squeeze about 1/2 lime in the bowl
    Chop up some red onion- good stuff so do not skimp
    Chop up a few cloves of fresh garlic
    Dice up some of your favorite pepper- mild green/red, or jalapeno, whatever you choose
    Grind a little bit of salt into the bowl

    Stir it all up. This salsa is more about testing freshness. The mixture and a burst of flavors when you eat it is amazing and is better the next day. If it is peach season you can dice up some peaches and throw those in. Same with mango. o rules on this salsa, just keep it healthy.

    PS- never had a margarita, that is a city folks drink.
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    DIY Margarita Mix:
    1/2 cup granulated bar sugar
    1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice approx. 8 to 12 large limes
    1 cup of water

    Moisten the rim of a tall cocktail class with fresh lime juice and dip into coarse Kosher salt
    Fill the glass with cube ice
    Add two 1 1/4 oz. shots of Silver Tequila
    Add 1/4 oz. Grand Marnier
    Fill remainder with DIY Margarita Mix
    Stir gently to mix from bottom to top
    Add a wedge of lime on the rim to garnish
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    Anybody can post a recipe. Shipping me some salsa via USPS will separate you from the rest. :D
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    Is this "pics or it never happened"?
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    I don't make Salsa, but I do like my Pica de gallo...

    Four or five diced Roma tomatoes
    1/2 sweet medium sized Vidalia onion diced, I like red onion in this as well.
    Two medium jalapeño peppers seeded and finely diced
    Fresh Cilantro to taste finely diced. Usually four to five sprigs.
    One crushed large clove of garlic, minced.
    Juice of two large lemons and one large lime.
    Ground Sea Salt (Costco) and Fresh ground black pepper to taste.

    Stir to combine ingredients completely in a bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight.

    For a special treat, stir in 1/4 lb. diced raw salmon, cover and refrigerate overnight

    Serve with warmed, lightly salted, tortilla chips and the beverage of your choice.
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