Energy SaltWater EnergyCell: Lantern + USB Phone/Gear Charging

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by ZigZag, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. ZigZag

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    Ditching Batteries for Salt Water: Interesting Article in GizmagLink
  2. Hanzo

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    Interesting. My concern would be that I can get batteries readily. Not sure about the replacement rods. Although, I am surrounded by salt water... Next concern would be how to store it after using it over a weekend of camping. Do you wash off the rod? And I couldn't find specs, such as how bright it is.

    Pretty cool though.
  3. ZigZag

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    Hi Hanzo,
    Yes it is interesting. Re Brightness, this is not designed as a tactical light. Light output is a balance of power draw to light output. The 16 LED lantern gives 360 degree coverage to table/work area with a comfortable level of light for reading and performing everyday activities or to light your way at night. As for replacement rods, they are a standard consumable to be available online world-wide and in retail stores as it rolls out after the crowdfunding campaign. You are correct, to store after a weekend of camping, you give the EnergyCell and the PowerRods a rinse and simply let them dry in the open air till next use.
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