Sam Splints in shtf kits

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  2. I've been looking to add the SAM Splint to my Level 2 kit for some time, but one thing I've always kept a good stock of no matter where I go when I'm out in the woods are "Ace bandages."

    Being a hiker and rock climber, I've always worried much more about moderate to severe sprains as my ankles tend to be very prone to twisting (likely from a lifetime worth of trail running and probably 50 sprains in my lifetime... with each sprain, I think it just gets worse). I always figured I could do double-duty with the ACE elastic bandage, using it as a splint by wrapping it around a stiffening item (branches or aluminum stays from the backpack).
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    Just a NOTE, here... When dealing with ankles, one had better know his limitations, and use the correct Boots, or after the fifth or sixth major ankle issue, the SAWBONES , will tell you the same thing he told me 30 Years ago.... " Son, If you break either of your ankles again, there is NO WAY, I can put them back together again!..." 20 years of Professional SkiPatrolling, High Altitude Mountain Climbing, and Wilderness Living, has taken it's toll. Now as an 63+ Year Old, I am paying for my youthfull indulgences. I can only wear HIGH Top Boots, or risk losing a foot, or being Power Wheelchair jockey.
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    I love these splints. I am a Paramedic and we use them on our emergency vehicles. So easy to use you can even trust Paramedics to get it right the 1st time.
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    It's worth noting that during a major study to find what is quote / unquote normal range of motion and flexion etc in ankles that it was found that practically everyone had suffered a major strain / sprain and the " normal " values from an uninjured ankle were unable to be tabulated. One of the most common active injuries in the world if not the most common
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    A good splint for an ankle is the pillow wrapped with Kerlex or duct tape. It is difficult to mess the placement up and very difficult to cut circulation to the foot with this type of splint. I learned it from an Old school Paramedic and teach it in my 1st aid classes.
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    Great splints, somebody said you can use them as a c-collar. Worth remembering that any collar only reminds the casualty not to move and alerts others that the person may have a beck injury. No substitute for full immobilisation.
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    Shtf kit . Yeah they are great but for the availability of all kinds of make shift splints laying around in the world I don't think I would take up valuable real estate in my shtf kit as the title states . Save that place for more paracord , duct tape , last bottle of whiskey , etc... (Whiskey was a joke) . That said this veteran medic loves the Sam splint at work and home :)
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    SAM Splints and their Different Uses.
    I thought you might find this visual guide useful. The SAM Splint is very versatile as we can see in the guide above.
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    Thank you for posting this. Nice chart, it is a good one to have in my reference binder.
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