Same hammock, cheapersomewhere else?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Castiel, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Castiel

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    I want the hammock below as is. No changes including the camo (I'm a sucker for it :). ). Is there anywhere online I can find it cheaper? Survivor Asym Universal Camo: Product Specs -- Hennessy Hammock

    Also where can I find a new usgi poncho? I don't want a knockoff and have it rip when I'm out there thanks in advance!
  2. ghrit

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    Try your google fu. Do a google search on those exact items, and the web should cough up all kinds of sources.
  3. Brokor

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    I still have my ponchos from military issue, but if I were looking to buy one I would definitely try Ebay first. I would search for USGI PONCHO, check seller ratings, and make certain they specify it is official issue. Don't ever buy from foreign sellers. Generally, you might only find used ponchos, but this is why some users on Ebay have good ratings and others have poor ratings -if you have questions, you should always ask the seller before buying. I do not support Ebay since they are anti-gun, but when I need something I will buy it from any place I can find it.

    As for the Henny hammock --you are SOL as far as I am concerned. I use DD Hammocks exclusively because they are high quality and affordable, even if it is a British company (they sell on Ebay sometimes at lower prices). The folks there have always been good to me and I have used many of their products for several years now.

    Good luck. Like Ghrit said, if you are having trouble, seek out some Google help.
  4. -06

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    Most any Army Surplus store will have usable ponchos. Bet we have a half dozen. Some from VN era when I was in the "crotch" and most from my bud's store. I especially like the newer ripstop style. Spray them liberally with Silicone or Thompson's Water Seal to really increase their repellancy. Hint: be very sure to let them dry well before storing and do not breathe that Silicone spray-use a mask or stay up wind. No help on the hammock. I use a pocket type when hiking in decent weather. That and a poncho will do you well. I do have a covered jungle hammock with screen but it is a luxury I do not carry far.
  5. elfdowney

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    same hammock

    You might take a look at Speer Hammocks. I got a Cat Tarp and Frog Sac (along with a free copy of his book) from him when I did part of the AT a couple years back. He cut me a deal to help me out. I have to admit though, I have a Hennessey Hammock and will NEVER sleep on the ground again! I love my Hennessey. BTW it works great for motorcycle camping too.
  6. ozarkgoatman

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    I did the the same basic set up when I was in the Navy. Just a lot cheaper with a cheap hammock and my poncho.

  7. Brokor

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