Sandy Hook School and the CIA

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    Something about the Sandy Hook massacre struck me as off the minute it happened. After having seen so many CIA operations before, it reeked of their contamination. I noticed it after a Sandy Hook update on the news was followed by a hurricane Sandy update. It struck me as ironic. There is quite a bit of information out there but here is a little of it for those of you who care. Adam Lanza didn't go to school there. His mom wasn't a teacher there. His dad worked for the CIA.

    Apparently there was a police training exercise on how to handle a school shooting going on at the exact same time as the actual shooting was going on? Sounds familiar.

    Sandy Hook: Ithaca Police Finish ‘Active Shooter’ Training on Day of Conn. School Massacre — The Ithaca Independent
    Crisis Actors - Trained Players and Actors Making It Real
    Sandy Hook school shooting: President Obama prepares to address Newtown at emotional memorial service | Mail Online

    Connecticut Massacre Blamed On Son Of Top CIA Analyst
    Nancy Lanza Not a Teacher? | TPM Editors Blog

    Newtown Public Schools > Teachersites Home


    WOW !! SANDY HOOK AURORA In BATMAN Movie ! Make Viral ~ This is a SET UP !!! BY DAHBOO7 - YouTube
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    Buy now, and hope that ex post facto remains in play.
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    Gun show on the 22nd here. Saving up now.
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    Nearly every pond has a loon --
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