Sarah Brady to Obama: Lead on gun control

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    By Sarah Brady, Special to CNN ffice:eek:ffice" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and the author of "A Good Fight," which tells how she worked for the passage of the Brady Bill, which, for the first time, mandated a waiting period and background checks for the purchase of handguns. She is the wife of Jim Brady, the former White House press secretary who was shot and injured in the 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. </I>
    (CNN) -- She is 40. Jim was 40.
    She is one of the most prominent politicians in her state.
    Jim worked for the most powerful political leader in the world.
    She was shot in the head. So was Jim.
    She initially was declared dead. So was Jim.
    She is beloved. So is Jim.
    A man whom most people knew wasn't mentally stable easily got a gun and shattered her life.
    A similarly troubled man shattered Jim's.
    The doctors, the nurses, the hospitals; the prayers, the tears, the anger; the fears, the doubts, the nagging sense of helplessness.
    Our family has been through it all. Her family will go through it, too. Thirty years later, and it's all too familiar.
    --Sarah Brady
    The sweet surprises of good news, small miracles and the irresistible surge of hopefulness; the friends, the family, the strangers; the guardian angels.
    Our family has been through it all. Her family will go through it, too.
    Thirty years later, and it's all so familiar.
    Not just the physical, mental and spiritual ordeal of being shot and taking those first initial steps on the long road to something the doctors call "recovery." But the noisy, and necessary, debates about how, why and what, if anything, we can do to make this kind of pain and trauma less likely for more of our fellow Americans.
    Sitting in our living room January 8, unable to take our eyes off the television, we wept for Gabby Giffords and all the others, and we remembered.
    Our tears now have dried, as will one day Gabby's and those of the other families. We hope that when the trauma subsides, they will consider what the tragedy led us to do next. We can and must do more to prevent gun violence.
    The bullies have succeeded too often. They have made cowardly lions out of too many members of Congress.
    --Sarah Brady
    We feel it's our duty, and we're asking President Barack Obama to help lead the way. As he so eloquently put it in his remarks at the memorial service in Tucson, Arizona, if we want our democracy to be as good as Christina Taylor Green and other children imagine it, we have to be able to come to that proverbial table of brotherhood and work on solutions to gun violence.
    He is the only political leader who has the capital, the conscience and the competence to gather us. On Thursday, press secretary Robert Gibbs affirmed the president's commitment to banning assault weapons, and with them those high-capacity-killing magazines.
    Obama is our best hope, because he is surely aware that much of the resistance to common-sense changes to our gun laws is meant to shut us down and shut us up. It is meant to allow the guys with the guns -- instead of ordinary Americans like us with the ideas -- and men and women of good conscience, like Gabby and Jim -- to make the rules.
    The bullies have succeeded too often. They have made cowardly lions out of too many members of Congress. This moment, as grievous as it is, presents a new opportunity for the president and other elected leaders to demonstrate political courage -- the way President Bill Clinton did when he stood by the side of victims and fought with all he had to pass the Brady Bill.

    I implore our president and our Congress: Take a risk. Re-direct your moral compass. Plow new ground in your consciousness. Say "no" to those who won't retreat from an ideology that is fixated on weapons of war that are turned on babies and grandmothers alike. An ideology that helps assassinate dreamers and the dreams they hold dear. That litters across our fruited plains the bloodstains of innocents. That has kept us from forming that more perfect union, and pistol-whipped us into a seemingly endless cycle of wounding, maiming and murdering one another.
    An ideology that rarely has discovered a call for a common-sense regulation that it could embrace.
    Obama has encouraged us to engage in a debate that is worthy of those we lost.
    I could not agree more, Mr. President.
    The Americans we have lost to gun violence now number more than we lost in all the wars of the 20th century.
    We Americans can do better. We must. With you leading us to a new tomorrow, I am confident, we will.

    For once i find myself agreeing with part of Sarah Brady's speech...

    "The bullies have succeeded too often"

    Unfortunately for Mrs Brady she forgets that "Bullies" come in all types and forms.. Including politicians who would with short sightedness listen to retoric from people like Mrs Brady and move to limit or recind the freedoms of our country have have enabled her to make her comments in a free setting without censorship. Without much thought she seems willing to remove the cornerstone of our society that allows Americans the ability to defend themselves for despots, tyrants, and those who would place themselves above the common good. Instead of addressing the real problem...

    Without the ability to posess firearms the rest of the constitution will slowly collapse like a house with out a foundation when the next storm strikes...

    While i feel for Jim Brady and the trouble that he and his family have gone through... i worry that they would advocate the end of our country as we know it....
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    Don't see those dumb-masses blaming pencils for misspelled words.
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    WHO WRITES THESE LIES? Sarah Brady has never been shot. Never! She was born in 1942, so she was 39 when her husband was shot in 1981. Do they check any of their so called facts?
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    I thought gun control was called self-control.
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    It's not. Should be, rather than dot gov control.
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    Gallup Review: Public Opinion Context of Tucson Shootings

    somehow, i don't think this issue has legs anymore.

    also, she is aware that Obama is the first president in several decades under whom gun rights have expanded, right? why the hell is she appealing to him? its like trying to buy weed from a cop.
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    She is comparing the recent shooting victim politician to her husband. Typical Leftwing Libtard "Smoke & Mirrors" tactics.......
    Not letting a good tragedy go to waste, make that political hay!! [drooling]

    This roadtwitch needs to just go away, very quietly - her fifteen minutes of fame are long over......
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    Sarah Brady said this in 1994: Our task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been TOTALLY disarmed. Good luck on that one you Commie pond scum.
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    Man, you talk a lot nicer than I think... well, I guess there are younger folks on here too...[winkthumb]
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