SAS Snipers in Iraq

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 155gunner, Nov 20, 2005.

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    We thank you. Sincerely. Equally sincerely, don't go away. Censorship goes against the grain here, but there are times and places where selfcensorship makes sense. This site is intended for all sorts of folks that are interested in our various activities and don't want to read stuff that might take them away. The Inferno is the place for that stuff, no question about it. You probably cannot offend anyone that chooses to go there, and if you do, they are free to answer and debate the issues with you, directly, and you both can read other opinions there as well. Me? Ex Navy, 30 years in construction, you can't offend me, I have an alligator hide with a sandpaper coating. I leave my emotions at home, and the shoulder chip in my pocket most times; both are reserved for certain people, not named nor included in any here.

    Your opinions and thoughts are (appropriately) welcome.
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    Marty. That is merely a reminder that we don't want porn in there. The Default Staff means that a Staff member cannot 'unsubscribe' from that forum. So like it or not, if they hit "new Posts", and "Hot bikini eating Contest", shows in the new threads, it may cause some problems.

    I'll create a Sticky in GD about the Inferno. ALso, any thread that gets moved there should have a pointer in the original forum that it was moved.... THis is still a new place (4 months old) and we are adapting and evolving as we grow. Youre input is welcome on any of this ;)
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    A lesson in PC.
  4. ghrit

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    No. Simple courtesy and consideration for others and their opinions.
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    [stoner] b:: LOL
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    OK! If we have the inferno issue cleaned up, lets get back on topic. Where were we at?
  7. E.L.

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    A picture is worth a ..........
    holythreadresbatman 1 (Medium).JPG
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