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    Saturday afternoon update <hr style="color: rgb(128, 148, 128); background-color: rgb(128, 148, 128);" size="1"><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> -- reading the economic points and counter points on this forum and into my ear comes Sen. Mitch McConel with this: "There are 15 million Americans now out of work and 11 million working below their normal incomes".

    All of us must agree the the current "Jabba the Hut Homungus Administration" types and their supporters have priortized environmental, social and international governance regulations BEFORE their concern for our American jobs.

    In addition, our Big Government Fed Reserve types have foisted the fraud of "spending is gross domestic product" upon our ears claiming that we do not have to produce and earn; we just spend our way to prosperity and then just print more currency to cover the spending and claim it, the fiat paper, has long term value. Try that at home and do write us from your jail---[​IMG]

    in one year gold has increased 31% and today on e-buy, 20 silver eagle dollars are selling for over $525. The US dollar is falling almost daily in relation to SDR's and other sound currencies.
    Using the US dollar's value at the time the Federal Reserve was enacted as the base value of the Dollar, today the paper currency is worth $0.03!!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Do you suppose The Fed is going to print paper until the world rejects it as a store of value and our government defaults on its debts? Do you suppose the sun will rise tomorrow???[​IMG][​IMG]

    In my opinion, this is exactly what is going to happen on our economic front; however, with terrorist warnings now popping up, almost anything can tip over the Fiscal Fraud Outhouse with commensurate social ramifications and results.

    Laus Deo
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