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Saudi Arabia Deports 50,000 Ethiopian Workers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stg58, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. stg58

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    Novel concept in enforcing violators of the residency and labor system laws..

    A bunch of airliners in storage in Arizona maybe put them to use...

    Chances are barry will grant them visas.

    Saudi Arabia Deports 50,000 Ethiopian Workers
    Saudi Arabia may be one of the richest countries in the world but it has an unemployment rate of 12.5% in a population of 27 million.

    The Government not only wishes to get more locals into the workforce, it also wants to diversify the economy.

    Interior minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef is overseeing the operation and says the campaign has "so far led to the deportation of more than 60,000 violators of the residency and labour system, while procedures are on-going to deport others".

    The Government chartered 70 planes just to deport Ethiopians, who are thought to constitute the biggest group of people leaving.
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  2. Illini Warrior

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    49,999 will land up being taxi drivers in NYC .... one will spend $9.95 on a fake Hawaiian birth certificate and become the next US prez ....
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