SAV .303 1899 Circa 1913 for trade

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    The above gun is for trade only. I am looking to trade for firearms that would be more useful in a SHTF scenario. The gun is in decent condition. There is a chip on the butt and some restoration work would definitely be in order. It does cock however and has a compass in the butt. The gunsmith I took it to said that it would be a nice collectors piece for someone wanting one.

    I am also willing to trade for gear and equipment.

    Message me for serial number and pictures and what you have to trade.

    I currently live in Upstate NY.
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  3. Catullus

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    Thank you. Other than my SHTF guns I am a novice and know virtually nothing about the guns worth.
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    Then there's the Lots of questions about value get answered there. Pix, if you have them, would be a whole lot of useful.
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