Saved a dog today... kinda.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Dec 27, 2006.

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    I was awakened last night (1 am) by the persistent barking of a dog outside my window, so I got dressed, strapped on a pistol, and went to put an end to my frustrations one way or another.

    What I found was a very large pit bull, on a chain, hung up in my yard. Now, I'm a sucker for neglected dogs (hate people, love dogs). I've seen this dog before, fenced in a yard across the street, so I woke them up and told them I had their dog. The lady told me "we don't have a dog"........ I told her I've seen the dog living in their yard, she insisted "we don't have a dog".

    So I go back to the dog, make friends with a piece of bologna, give it a blanket, some food and water, and call the police to have animal control to come get it. I stayed up all night with this barking dog, poor thing, it was 25 degrees outside last night, and it was very scared.

    About 8 am the daughter of the people across the street comes home, sees the dog and comes over to get it, said she was keeping it for a friend. I told her to get lost, animal control was on the way, and reamed her out for several minutes about taking care of her animals, which was light compared to the lashing she got from my wife.

    Finally about 9am, the animal control guy shows up with a cop and pick up the dog. After talking to the girl, the cop cited her for abandoning an animal, and they took the dog to the shelter. The ac guy told me he'd try to make sure they didn't get the dog back, I doubt they'd even try anyway.

    The dog had been a fighter, haphazardly cropped ears and lots of old wounds, but was a sweetheart once he realized you wouldn't hurt him.

    I would love to chain up those scumbags in the yard and make them freeze out there without food or water for a night.

    Anyway, in the end, the dog may be put down anyway, but I'd rather see that done humanely than he have to live in the hell that those people provide for him.
    It just aint fair man.
  2. ghrit

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    You did the Right Thing by that pup. I'm not fond of pitties, I have a relative that has been terrorized a couple times by loose rotties and pitties, there WAS a bunch of guys that kept fighting dogs in the neighborhood. They now take sustenance with the Sheriff. Big time drug bust.:sneaky:
  3. TailorMadeHell

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    Chances are that nobody will want to adopt a 'mean' dog and it will be put down. Though on the upside, he'll go to doggy heaven where he won't have to be fought every day of his life so stupid owners can make money to buy drugs. He'll have a lot of friends to play with, wide open spaces to run, all the food he would ever need and someone to care for him. Sad that people do this to animals and I too agree that they should be strung up, I mean, staked out like the pittie was. I guess some people will never get the point of taking care of pets. Maybe people should have to pass a test to get an animal.

    Just my thoughts on it.
  4. snowbyrd

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    dog fighters

    Right now I know most people on here will condem me and hate me forever. Prejudged for ever and ever. I was a dog fighter, not a low grade slime sucking street fighter. This was well over 25 yrs ago, it is a part of who and what I am, to say it never happened is to say I am not me. Would I do it again, NO NO NO. But it gives me a better understanding than most people. I won't say where or exactly when nor will I be explicit in the descriptions. The biggest problem that ever happened to the true dog fighter is the press. The inHumane Sociaty of America did a bunch of articals on dog fighting, mostly lies, cat mills, feed them blood, gunpowder, beat them, bleed them b4 a fight. ALL LIES. So the dumb-yeppers-****s start doing that. I am just a little uh mad at having to dispel these myths so my grammer and spelling in not so good. Dogs are not 'forced' to fight, they are trained to fight. The bully forces the fight, the boxer does not. the first time I saw a fight I was agast at the blood and such, then I realized the dog were wagging, YES, wagging thier tails. There are nose dogs, leg dogs, dirty dogs and game dogs. I had damed good dogs. NONE of MY dogs ever bit a HUMAN, had 1 in my yard that bit me and in less time than I can type this she was gone by by. Not my dog, pup @ 8wks were $3000, the owner said 'good, I got kids". Don't believe all that you read, the drugies and dopers and the liers of the press all are sluts and slaves to thier addictions. `Can't find that little drunk guy but, I this is no lie, been there done that, even thou I ain't done a good job. snowbyrd
  5. Blackjack

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    I won't condemn you for the past (livin in a glass house myself), heck, my father raised roosters for fighting. And I have seen dogfights, the dogs we're wagging and enjoying themselves (for the most part).

    But, as I got older, I became more and more sensitive to animals being mistreated, and even though the dogs aren't forced to fight, they are allowed to fight, encouraged to fight, and they do get hurt. You don't allow or encourage something you love to get hurt.

    I can't stand by and watch an animal suffer for nothing more than the entertainment of people. It's just wrong.

    Aside from all that, the problem now is that every idiot and crackhead wants a big bad pit bull. I'll bet pits outnumber all other breeds in this town 2 to 1. They are not socialized well, not cared for properly, and are therefore almost always "roadkill" or "gas chamber" dogs in waiting.

    I can't understand people buying a dog because they want it to be mean. My dogs purpose is not to attack an intruder because I don't want him hurt. His job is to alert me to an intruder and let me do the attacking.
  6. TailorMadeHell

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    I do not see any dog fight or rooster fight as entertaining. I found out a couple days ago that I get very upset at anyone who neglects, mistreats or in any way harms animals unnecessarily. I was walking to catch the bus and I saw what looked like this iguana toy laying in the gutter.

    Weren't no toy. It was a poor baby iguana that had been run over. It had the leash on it and all. If I were allowed to hunt down that owner and toss them in front of a moving vehicle I would.

    Poor thing had it's tail broke in two places and mashed up bad. I picked it up to see if only the tail had gotten it, though I noticed it's guts hanging out. So I would like to know exactly how a person of a hundred or more pounds, could lose sight of a baby iguana and let it get run over, especially when it was most likely tethered to the 'owner' by a leash?

    I tell ya this now. I cannot stand most people. Sheer stupidity is maddening. I don't see any way this person deserves to own any pets at all. What did it do? Run off? It flew from their shoulder into oncoming traffic?

    The only thing that I can think of is this idiot was not only not looking out for the iguana, but hopefully not looking out for themselves. Leading the iguana on a leash and maybe it was either dragged behind or was moving in front of the person. How can this idiot miss something the size of a car?

    I just hope this sits as well with them as it does with me. I hope they never forget this episode and possibly they will learn something from it.

    I don't judge people by what the media says on cases of animal fighting. I judge by the damage I have seen and the type of people that fight dogs. I will not condemn you for your past, though I will not say, 'I understand dog fighting used to be a good sport and the dogs were well taken care of.'

    If anyone wants to fight anything, why not let some of these prisoners turn into gladiators? How about we put it on pay-per-view? We could eliminate criminals and unburden taxpayers this way. Do it like 'Running Man'. That was a concept worth working with.

    Just my thoughts on it.
  7. GoatLady

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    My Mom was attacked by a pit once :shudder: but my aunt found one abandoned in a junkyard, took it to the vet, poor thing ws in such bad shape she was almost dead. Fixed her up and kept her. She was the sweetest dog you could ever meet! My aunt used to babysit me and that pit was my best friend (as well as my pillow at naptime LOL). She died an ooooold dog a long time ago, I sure do miss her.
  8. Blackjack

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    I firmly believe that pits are naturally a very sweet dispositioned dog. I've met some wonderful ones. It's bad owners that cause the problem.
  9. snowbyrd

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    good dogs

    Thanks, the past is past. All my dogs were socialized and very people oriented, loved all folks never neglected and well fed. (I Was a bit hungry at times tho') Animal control knew me and probably suspected what I was doing but she also knew that my dogs were 'leagle' and 'safe. my Vet at the time allowed me to work on my own dogs and taught me alot. Help on the people repairs. Right now I have 2 dogs, 1 is my wife's an 1 is mine, and they know it. Our kids. tnx again. snowbyrd
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