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    Is the pendulum swinging back the other way?

    Are people tired of being servants to elected leaders?

    From Sheriff's Associations telling Obama they don't need his federal laws to Starbucks openly defying Bloomberg's edict to now a judge giving the reign of foolishness a quarter-pound of smackdown.

    The tactic of liberals is to pass the laws, then hope they don't find that one judge who will rule on precedent (as opposed to emotion). So, why don't more people/groups defy and see if the legal machine prosecutes or not. Soon, we will either all be in jail or the law will go unenforced.

    Soda ban ruling a devastating defeat for Mayor Bloomberg | The Daily Caller
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    One can only hope. I was taught (as a child) that civil service meant just that, and elected officials were civil servants. Imagine how my sainted grandmother (who was never wrong about anything but my husband) could be wrong.
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    IMO, people(not sheeple) are getting fed up with being milked like cows of their life. We now work 1/2 of the year just to pay taxes to keep over half the nation's population in food, shelter, meds, etc. Half of our lives---just to feed those who do nothing but make more welfare babies. Yes, I and many others are getting tired of it. If a young man I would not "hit a lick at a snake" for a taxed salary.
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    Colorado Sheriffs are under attack for saying no to the Dems gun bills. Starbucks maybe seeing similar backlash for standing up to Bloomberg. Bloomberg could send a health inspector in and shut a place down for some real petty stuff. We always need to remember that the other party doesn't seem to play by the rules, rules only apply to keep those with morals in check.

    From CO sheriff:
    Sheriff Maketa makes statement about testimony on State Capitol | | Colorado Springs | Pueblo |
  5. NotSoSneaky

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    Tick, tick, tick...

    The revolution grows
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  6. kellory

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    Doomsday clock...or did you just come back from the woods? ;)
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  7. tacmotusn

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    More like, ....... "click (half cock), click (full cock)!"
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  8. kellory

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    third "click" forgot to load it.:p
  9. tacmotusn

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    Old big bore single action colts and their ilk as well as colt 45 semi-autos and clones with a round in the chamber and their hammers down was what I was talking about. Their was no mistake except your assumption this time. Any olde timer here would know what I was talking about. Also someone who watched westerns for decades would know.
    In my non PC house, the guns ARE LOADED.
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  10. kellory

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    I shoot a revolver Tac, I got it. However, you accounted for only 2 clicks, so the third had to be a dry-fire.;)
  11. tacmotusn

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    I never dry fire. Yes there is a reason. I will never admit or explain why. My lips are sealed. LOL
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  12. STANGF150

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    What might you have shot that youdidn't intend to Tac? [gone]
  13. tacmotusn

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    It was over 40 years ago. In temporary possession of a New to me second hand 357 colt with 6 inch barrel. I had it on trial from a private owner. It came loaded with federal hydrashock rounds. Removed those cartridges, bought 100 rounds of reloads and a few targets. Went out in early afternoon and shot all 100 rounds. Was satisfied with how it shot. Bought cleaning gear for it and went home and cleaned it. Dry fired aiming at the cat, my big toe, and characters on the TV. Walked back to bedroom and was in the process of reloading with th Hydrashock rounds when the phone rang. Only phone in apartment was next to recliner where I had sat dry firing. Finished reloading just as I got to the phone. Laid the pistol down, picked up phone, accepted offer for dinner, and immediately got ready and left house to go to dinner. (loaded pistol now laying in dark next to my recliner, and across room at a distance of maybe 10 feet from 4 day old 25 inch sears color console TV. ....... My roommate at the time had purchased the TV, not me). Multiple hours later I return home with a happy tummy, and slightly toasted. Bill Bixby was the good guy on an action prime time TV show that was on as I settled into the recliner in the dark except for the light of the TV. At one point in the show Good olde Bill Bixby was hiding from some bad guys low to the ground and behind a couch. As the armed bad guys walked into the room an approached where Bill was hiding, I snatched up the pistol laying there that I had dry fired with most of the late afternoon. By now all I could see was their ankles and feet. As they started to walk away, I thumbed back the hammer click, click, to full cock, and raised the pistol. Then I could see their rumps, then their backs, and as their heads came into view, knowing they could not hear me, I didn't say freeze, but gently squeezed the trigger.
    As the room seemed to explode, I noted several things at once. #1 before the TV went black as well as the room it did register that I hit my intended target on the screen center of mass on the torso. #2 smelled gunpowder and burning electrical insulation, and the tube was arcing and sparking internally. I practically threw the pistol aside, and dove for the location of the power cord plug to the right of the TV and yanked the plug from the wall socket.
    This was 1972, and the new price of the TV was $1100. The repair was $400. Sears picked it up, and would return it as well. I gave my roommate the $400. My roommate kept the $400 but never paid Sears or had the TV returned. never heard the end of it.
    Due to the $400 repair paid to my roommate, I could not afford to purchase the pistol.
    I no longer dry fire anything. ALL GUNS ARE LOADED. IT IS SIMPLER THAT WAY.
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    LOL, thanks for sharing.

    This brings up a question I have wondered and heard people talk about doing it both ways but when you guys unload a gun, release the mag (if that applies) hold the slide back and visually and physically make sure the gun is unloaded do you pull the trigger to release the pin when done or not?

    I usually pull the trigger while pointing in a safe direction after I visually and physically check that it is unloaded.
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