Scambaiting the Scammer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    So I inquired about a house for rent...

    I went to look at the house and discovered the real Mr Snowden working in his yard. He informed me that the house was for sale but not for rent and that this was quite likely a scam. "Don't send them a deposit", he warned.

    I back traced the emails and found that they originated in Lagos, Nigeria. Oh boy - I love screwing with Nigerian 419 scammers!
    IP Address: (
    IP Address Country: Nigeria
    IP Continent: Africa
    IP Address City Location: Lagos
    IP Address Region: Lagos
    IP Address Latitude: 6.4531,
    IP Address Longtitude: 3.3958
    Organization: Visafone Communications Limited​

    I replied:
    He replied:
    My reply:
    His reply:
    I'm going to ask him to answer my darn questions before we can go further with this negotiation. I'll update later. My goal is to get him to spend some money to make sure the deal goes through.
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  2. RightHand

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    I love it - you had me in stitches
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  3. Sapper John

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    But, But, But melbo...that's not faaair! ROTFLMAO!
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  4. melbo

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  5. Seacowboys

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    I got a text message today, telling me I had won a $1000.00 gift card from Walmart. Texted them back and told them to apply it to my next month's cell bill at ATT.
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  6. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Perhaps they can help you out with snatchlicker????

    I was very much saddened at the passing of your very precious must have been a devastating loss :cry:

    Perhaps if they showed some good faith by agreeing to meet some part of Snatchlicker's interment expenses????
  7. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    too cool, way too cool
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  8. STANGF150

    STANGF150 Knowledge Seeker

    LMAO damn Monkeys!!! always monkeying with sumone's head! LoL [cmfrt]
  9. Yoldering

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  10. Quigley_Sharps

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    lol sent it to FB world....
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  11. Mountainman

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    Sorry about the dog, someone must be pissed off now, LOL!
  12. ColtCarbine

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    How's that prescription working out for your daughter,is it helping those headaches or is she just gaining weight from the munchies?

    Too friggin' funny [beer]
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  13. sniper69

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    Hilarious!!! Now to see what the reply from them is. :lol:
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  14. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    A few days went by so I sent a tickler:
    He replied with another form email - just can't get this guy to actually respond to my queries:
    I filled out the rental app, password locked the pdf and sent him 13 MB of worthless junk in return. I bet that'll take awhile to come through the internet cafe in Lagos. Maybe they charge per kb ;)
    password is "open sesame" although I forgot to give it to Mr. Snowden [booze]
    me and the girls. app1 (Large). app2 (Large). app3 (Large).

    Attached Files:

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  15. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    you shoulda gave him the address for the fbi or
  16. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    :lol: The only thing he'll read is "ready money."

    One of those scammers was taken to the cleaners on 60 minutes the other night after they sheared a sheep.
  17. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I really did live in the upstairs at Good Time Charlie's for 10 years...
  18. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Oh, and by the now have a new dog.

    Spamming bandwidth choking "essential" reading was a nice touch....I wonder if Confederate dollars would be an acceptable medium of exchange....expired phone cards???

    Oh by the way...did you not mention to them that you now have a replacement for Snatchlicker....and you have named the dog Muffdiver! : O
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  19. STANGF150

    STANGF150 Knowledge Seeker

    LoL the problem with Monkeys being smarter & more aware than your average person, is that a Bored Monkey tends to Monkey around inside sum of the less Gifted's heads!!! LoL
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  20. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    A speedy reply!!!
    Interesting since he doesn't have the adobe password to open my application... small matter I suppose. Maybe he's also a file cracker or he knows that 'open sesame' opens everything...

    I decided to add a bit of tension into this game. Nigerian scammers are notoriously territorial so I've emailed him from a spoof account claiming to be a fellow scammer:
    Translation from Nigerian Pigeon English to English follows:
    he he he [own2]

    Credit to for the Nigerian-ish English email text. I did not come up with that on my own but found it on their site under another chain of Nigerian scam letters.
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