Scammers Sell Oven Doors As Fake TVs

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    Police: Scammers Sell Oven Doors As Fake TVs
    Police Make Arrest In Case

    SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Some Indiana residents thought they were getting a good deal on a flat screen television, but what they purchased turned out to be an oven door.

    Investigators in South Bend, Ind., said there has been a rash of oven door thefts recently, and now they know why.

    The fake TVs were packaged so professionally that victims had no idea they made a bad purchase until they opened the merchandise up.

    The oven doors even came with remote controls and power cords.

    It was a tough lesson for one victim, whose boyfriend bought what he thought was a flat screen television for $250.

    "If you're going to buy something from someone, make sure you open it up first," Leann Day said. "Especially if you're not buying it from the store."

    So far, police have arrested one man they believe is connected to the operation.
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    Now I'm giggling about TV dinners :dunno:
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    that's funny! [applaud]
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    Remember, those "victims" vote. My aching back, that is a scary thought, that they should vote based on the box, not the contents.
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