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    I have mentioned before that I like pieces of fabric, call it what you will. They are very useful.

    Scarves are no different. For me, I prefer them long, wide and thin. That gives you great versatility. For example, the cotton gamcha that I wrote about before. It was originally just a cheap, fast drying bath towel. But it works as a scarf and as a sort of kilt. I use it all three ways. Bollywood celebrities wear it as a scarf with their fancy outfits.

    Thin wool is great too. It is warmer than cotton. Although I admit that I have not tried it as a bath towel. But lately here, it is our rainy season. And we have had really high and cool winds, making it more chilly. Granted, I am still in t-shirt and shorts. But when it gets nippier, the thin wool scarf is great.

    Little monkey bundled up in one.


    When it is chilly, I just drape it over my neck and shoulders. When it gets colder at night, I will drape it over my head, neck and shoulders. And when it is warmer and/or I want my hands free to do stuff without the scarf dangling in the way, I tie a square knot on the ends, making it a loop, and wear it cross body. Still get a little extra warmth, but it is out of the way. That's how I had it yesterday morning when big monkey went to the mall with her buddy. Buddy's parents came to pick her up and drop them off. Mom looked at me and said, "What is that?" It was so unobtrusive that I forgot I had it on. So I told her. And then she said I looked like a monk, especially since I just buzzed my head.

    So it is a small, lightweight item that is good to have. Great for traveling too. My scarf is wool and silk blend, about 6'x2', thin enough to see through, will squish down small enough to fit in a coffee mug, and is strong. It will hold my body weight. And is warm enough.

    But wait, there's more...

    Everything... can be a weapon in the right hands. There are many martial arts, particularly the Southeast Asian and Chinese variety (I likey both!) that incorporate fabric.

    And this guy has a more stylized video using a sash in a the Chinese chain whip fashion.

    Granted, a scarf doesn't have a special pouch for steel balls. But you could fold it in half and wrap a rock in there. Not advocating violence. Just saying...
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    Scarf face...

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    Bandanna plus clunky old lock=force multiplier.
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    UncleMorgan I eat vegetables. My friends are not vegetables.

    With a face like that you wouldn't need a scarf to get rid of the bad guys.
    Hanzo, did you ever consider doing cover art for Horror mags? Put some evil eyes in that pic, and ir would be a sure sale to somebody.
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    Sorry. That was too early in the morning before my coffee.
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