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    Pulled this off M14 Firing Line

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in April

    The Carroll National Guard unit will train on urban military operations by holding a four-day exercise at Arcadia.

    The purpose of the April 2-5 drill will be to gather intelligence, then search for and apprehend a suspected weapons dealer, according to Sgt. Mike Kots, readiness NCO for Alpha Company.

    Citizens, law enforcement, media and other supporters will participate.

    Troops will spend Thursday, April 2, staging at a forward operations base at Carroll. The next day company leaders will conduct reconnaissance and begin patrolling the streets of Arcadia to identify possible locations of the weapons dealer.

    The primary phase will be done Saturday, April 4, when convoys will be deployed from Carroll to Arcadia. Pictures of the arms dealer will be shown in Arcadia, and soldiers will go door to door asking if residents have seen the suspect.

    Soldiers will knock only at households that have agreed to participate in the drill, Kots noted.

    "Once credible intelligence has been gathered," said Kots, "portions of the town will be road-blocked and more in-depth searches of homes and vehicles will be conducted in accordance with the residents' wishes.

    "One of the techniques we use in today's political environment is cordon and knock," Kots explained. "We ask for the head of the household, get permission to search, then have them open doors and cupboards. The homeowner maintains control. We peer over their shoulder, and the soldier uses the homeowner's body language and position to protect him."

    During this phase of the operation, troops will interact with residents and media while implementing crowd-control measures and possibly treating and evacuating injured persons.

    The unit will use a Blackhawk helicopter for overhead command and control, and to simulate medevacs.

    The drill will culminate in the apprehension of the suspected arms dealer.

    Alpha Company will conduct a review of the drill on Sunday, April 5.

    A meeting to give residents more information and accept volunteers will be held 7 p.m. Monday, March 2, in the Arcadia American Legion hall.

    Kots said the exercise will replace Alpha Company's weekend drill for April.

    "We have a lot of extended drills this coming year," he added.

    In addition to surveillance, searching and apprehension, the exercise will also give the troops valuable experience in stability, support, patrol, traffic control, vehicle searches and other skills needed for deployment in an urban environment.

    "This exercise will improve the real-life operational skills of the unit," said Kots. "And it will hopefully improve the public's understanding of military operations."

    The pre-drill work with residents is as important at the drill itself.

    "It will be important for us to gain the trust and confidence of the residents of Arcadia," said Kots. "We will need to identify individuals that are willing to assist us in training by allowing us to search their homes and vehicles and to participate in role-playing."

    "We really want to get as much information out there as possible, because this operation could be pretty intrusive to the people of Arcadia."

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    "Pictures of the arms dealer will be shown in Arcadia, and soldiers will go door to door asking if residents have seen the suspect."????
    ( "'Rorry 'Raggy...)

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    Can't help wondering how many residents will agree to participate, and what if one of them deviates from the script? That could be fun.
  4. tacmotusn

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    Read "unintended consequences by John Ross"
    consider joining the NRA, and the RWVA Revolutionary War Veterans Association. Learn to shoot very accurately. Like Paul Revere, spread the word loud and fast when you personally know of the first government confiscation of civilian's guns from their homes. This forum seems like a good place to start.
    Thanks for the info, I am forwarding the news article to the NRA. keep your powder dry, and your eyes open. good luck.
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    It is the above situation that gives me great relief that I left the National Guard last year. What so many people do not seem to graspe is that this nations Guard forces do not fall under Posse Comitatus(even though it has been watered down concerning Federal troops).

    We are about to enter a period of interesting times, and it will be as "Charles Dickens" described as both "The best of times, and "The worst of times".
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    That is really messed up.
  7. tacmotusn

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    You all don't think the dang government might maybe set up one of these 4 day turkey shoots for some of us rural redneck florida boys do ya? It might be fun. Maybe they could get them government boys to wear red uniforms. Personally, i strongly oppose the whole idea of the National Guard participating in events such as this. i did 22 years in the military, and this is BS.
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