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  2. M118LR

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    During Combat Survival the only concern I have is for the safety & well being of the members of my TEAM. Whatever tactics are required to complete the mission, while bringing them all home, shall all be evaluated for use. In a situation without the rule of law, there is no lawlessness. JMHO. Whilst in the jungle, jungle rules etc...........
    RULE # 1: There is only one winner.
    In all other Combat Survival situations, refer to rule #1.
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  3. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    During combat the only goal is too win. The question is are we predators or not ? Do we seek out others to kill them and take their supplies or do we prepare so we dont have to. I for one would rather defend what is MINE than take from another.
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  4. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    If only it could that simple. Hopefully we shall never need to find out. Hopefully Mother Nature will not destroy all the preparations of anyone else, and all folks can live safely where they have chosen. But many might find themselves victims of Mother Nature just during the course of this year. As long as the rule of law holds, all that we need do with the children is call the local authorities and have them properly cared for. Sounds much more humane.
  5. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    True , however we are the rule of law here. If it breaks down around us that is their problem not ours. W e will still try and hold to our constitution. We are a constitutional Militia. Anyone who ever took the oath knows what this means. I see it broken down by state then by city and county government. Some states may fall apart others may not. Did you ever watch the series Jericho? In this scenario it broke down to city government. and they had a war with a neighboring town over food. This was after a nuke attack on 26 American cities. But law and order must be maintained if possible. If not then its survival of the fittest and to the winner goes the spoils.
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  6. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    For instance if the National guard was coming up the road? we know those guys. They know us. We have worked with them before in looking for lost children. No quarrel with them. W e are not raiders so they wont have a quarrel with us. We stay put and out of their way. One of our members is active in the Guard right now. Another is a police officer who ran for Sheriff last year. All of us agree that staying put and out of harms way is the best course. Here at the lake we are a threat to no one.
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  7. AxesAreBetter

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    That is a logical fallacy. You had no quarrels with them in the past. You do not know if THEY will decide they have a quarrel with you in the future.
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  8. OldDude49

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    There is always the possibility they have "orders"... not sayin they will follow em mind you... but...

    always believed the oath the military personal take when they join was probably enough.... but...

    and then there is the possibility of UN, or nato, or some such that will say... humanitarian aid... avoid bloodshed...
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  9. arleigh

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    Happy for you that have these men in uniform to be on your team ,but for the most part, not every one here have that advantage .
    I would be willing to bet that most good survivalists don't have a team ,except their own family, partially due to either economics, trust issues ,local , or just plain so strapped with making a living, don't have time for developing these strategies.
    On another forum there were folks that had trust issues with in their own families , not wanting any association with them what so ever, and sure to be barging in at the first sign of trouble . Some already have .
    If you lack the support to kick some one out that is clearly a liability, Your SHTF has already started .
    There will be some very hard decisions people will have to make before ,during and post SHTF for those excluded and included with in a group and the politics of this organization will be the most sensitive.
    Usually this burden is laid at the feet of one person, but it's best that solid rules are established, every one is agreed, and bound to, so whether leadership is around or not, the rules are well established in every individual.

    Before I retired I had no time for friends ,work demanded so much attention and random over time ,making out side friends and plans was out of the question .
    At best I've talked to my neighbors briefly, but they have trust issues them selves, and have their own group of friends and business associates.
    I really miss the small town I use to live in .
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