Scepter Jerry Cans for Sale

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by woytovich, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. woytovich

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    I am getting a bunch of used plastic military surplus jerry cans.

    UPDATE: These ARE Scepter cans (they are stamped "Scepter Canada" and "US".) They are US military surplus and have a single handle (rather than the 3 handle "water" cans). MOST have been used for various chemicals and as such I would not recommend using them for water (some are marked "water", use for water at your own risk!). I imagine fuel would be fine.

    I'm trying to make this as economical as possible for people so I'm taking "pre-orders" to gauge interest (no payment will be necessary to make a pre-order). These will be located on Long Island, NY. The cost will be $25/can plus shipping (I'm going to try to come up with a flat shipping rate per can to keep this simple). Pick up is not a problem if that suits you.

    Please send me an email at mark AT woytovich DOT com. Give me your name and quantity that you would like. I will follow up in a few days with the results and a timetable for ordering and payment.

    Thanks, and I hope that this works out to help everyone out with a great deal.


    PS Here is the picture I have of these cans...
  2. eric_banks32

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    The single handle cans are water cans. The three handle are for fuel. Thats from my 6yrs in the army. Not that it matters as far as what people will use them for as long as they know whats in them.
  3. UsafRaven

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    Interested, email sent.
    I realize this is an older post but hoping there may be some left
  4. Minuteman

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    This is an ad from a one time poster. Don't know how this got by staff. We usually don't allow 1st time posters to offer things for sale. I would be very careful here. Many of these are scams and since this guy has not posted again since June I would say this is a bogus ad. I'll bring it to the attention of the rest of the staff and we will probably delete it. But for now let it serve as a warning to members to beware of any 1st post ads.
  5. ArkBuilder

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    Jerry Cans

    I just joined and this is my first post. I have jerry cans to sell theyre brand new and would go for about $40. I plan to participate a lot more in the forum discusions in the future so you can hold off and come back to this later. unless its deleted that is.

    I should probably participate more first ill repost this in a couple weeks or something[beat]
  6. ghrit

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    There is no CURRENT prohibition on first time posting of ads in BST, but it surely is poor form. This may be changed to insist on relevant posts in other subforums before ads are allowed, especially if single post ads become more frequent.

    Welcome, ArkBuilder, we look forward to your contributions to SM's knowledge base, and good luck selling. If you have sold elsewhere, a link to verifiable positive feedback would help your sales efforts immeasurably. Us monkeys are a skeptical lot and don't often take chances on unknowns.
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