Scepter military fuel jerry cans...(plastic)

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by brotherpoop, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. brotherpoop

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    WTH...$60.00 on ebay and it's the only one I can find.

    There must be a source cheaper somewhere....HELP!

    I should add if i do find them they are not for sale to civilians.
  2. tacmotusn

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    The problem is multifold. Military demand among them. Then there are the infamous CARB regulations. Thank the government for protecting us from ourselves and possibly making criminals out of anyone using non-CARB compliant fuel cans. The blurb below may explain a little better. I tend to just

    What's a "CARB" Can?
    CARB stands for California Air Resources Board. They established regulations for environmental requirements of Portable Fuel Containers and Spill-Proof spouts in California. Many states have adopted these requirements. The U.S. EPA will adopt similar national requirements in January 2009. A CARB Compliant canister must have the following features to meet these requirements:
    • An autostop, self venting nozzle that stops the flow of fuel when the target tank reaches full.
    • A single opening for filling & pouring. No separate vents or openings.
    • A treated can body for very low permeation.
    • Automatic closure. Nozzle automatically springs to the closed position when not pouring.
    Mil-Spec Field Drab Green heavy-duty US 5 gallon fuel can as supplied to military. DOT approved plastic storage tank is lighter than metal cans, won’t rust or crush, meets all safety requirements and is extremely rugged. The easy-open twist cap, internal air vent, low-noise handling, and rapid pouring rate with Scepter's high-flow spouts, deliver superior performance.
    Does not comply with CARB regulations. For Military Purchase and Use only.

    Item Number: MFC04<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> var page= new Object(); var arrPvs= new Array();var pv = new Object();pv.Id='MFC04';pv.Name='SCEPTER MILITARY FUEL CAN MFC 3-20L 5 GALLON / 20 LITER CAN - FIELD DRAB **RA**';arrPvs.push(pv);page.ProductViews=arrPvs;if(typeof PageHandle=="function"){ PageHandle(page)}</SCRIPT><SCRIPT type=text/javascript>var fc_prod_view="NotAC/-/-/-/View/SCEPTER%20MILITARY%20FUEL%20CAN%20MFC%203-20L%205%20GALLON%20/%2020%20LITER%20CAN%20-%20FIELD%20DRAB%20**RA**/MFC04/-";var fc_track2="NotAC";</SCRIPT>
  3. brotherpoop

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    My problem is I have a military stove I've been putting together piece by piece and I may be down to the last part which must be the Scepter military fuel can. I did find another source of 2 used fuel cans for $65.00 so they are out there...just spendy.

    Oh well.
  4. dragonfly

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    Ace Hardware has them....steel made (Chinese of course) for $49.99 each...
    They also carry the snouts for them as well....
    Seems a tad bit expensive to me, but they are new, have Ace's guarantee, and are painted the standard red enamel.
  5. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Nice website Brotherpoop.[applaud][applaud][applaud]the cabin I mean.
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