school shooting in CT

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Bastard goes into an elementary school, what a COWARD...
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    You gotta wonder what zero can do. More to the point, what he should NOT do. Max action for him is bemoan it and shut up. This is one (of many) that should not be managed from the top down.

    Top down "leadership" is micromanagement.
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    Betcha that will not be mentioned or taken into consideration, if these shootings keep happening. If another happens soon we might not be able to stop what is to come of it.
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    Wow !!! Just tuned into the new's...Sick Ba*^#rd that does this sort of thing...

    Reason enough that EVERY teacher should be packing C.C.
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    the police station must have been around the corner to get there so fast with the state police and the swat too if you take into the time that it was called in 9:40 ant the police getting there 9:41 i wish we could get that kind of response here still it was a tragic thing that some one would target children and this in a state that has the toughest gun laws
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    Lanza's mother, now deceased, was a teacher at the school.

    What a f'ing punk kid to take 'mommy-didn't-love-me-enough" issues out on kids. I wish the cops had gotten to him before he ate some lead. Prison would be a good hell for a POS like him.
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    Liberals are Tweeting like there's no tomorrow:

    Liberals immediately blame NRA after Conn. school shooting | The Daily Caller

    Michael Moore's comment:
    ...boy...doesn't that sound good...."an end to violence" just by having a policy that says it's bad. Specious drivel like this can only appeal to people who cannot think.

    People like this shooter....and all the other shooters recently (except the cops in NYC who cleared the streets of civilians so they could get a good shot at their perp) a f'ing nuts; no DSM-IV needed to see that. If it hadn't been a gun, it would've been something else (a fire, a bomb, a car). These liberal idiots are blaming the NRA and inanimate objects, instead of the person who did the crime.
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    I don't understand why he didn't just wait for her to come home to shoot her. Of course, now they're saying there was a dead body at home too so I guess he got started and didn't want to wait.

    I know I know, as if there is anything to understand here besides he's a sick $(#* who needs to be drug out back and shot.
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    Man, I wish musicians would write songs about their feelings instead of providing them to everyone using their celebrity status.

    This is from Carlos Santana (he does make a couple of good points though....but misses the whole point not being about to control crazy people.)

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    the shooters guns were registered in his mothers name and he killed her at the school so I guess that means he stole her guns to kill his mother and all those others too
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    My heart is heavy and I keep tearing up. These were little children. very sad day, my prayers are for those in Newtown.
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  16. VisuTrac

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    libs are tweeting like crazy. Gun control, gun control, Ban guns now!
    I say ban anti-depressants and anti-psychotropics that way we will know who isn't stable to begin with!
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    I really have been worried about 12/21. I feel that the unstable maybe pushed over the edge with fear. I know that on the 22nd the sun is going to shine but those that have issues may really think the world is going to end. As for the libs and their gun control.... maybe we should arm the administrators and this wouldn't happen. The PC way of having doors locked doesn't work because I bet the door wasn't lock.
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    All I gotta say is now is the time to buy before AR prices go through the roof
  19. VisuTrac

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    AR's? How about Ammo? Easier to ban that than something that is constitutionally protected.
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    Failed policies of the school's security are to blame as much as the perp. The gun's are in-animate objects and require basic, functional, intelligence to operate. I haven't seen a gun jump up off a table and start shooting anyone thus far.

    In other news, nearly 100 million other gun owners have not killed anyone today.

    In other other news.. Tracking homicides in Chicago - Tracking homicides in Chicago |

    In other other other news.. China school knife attack leaves 23 injured - CBS News

    Time to ban knives!
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