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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, May 18, 2009.

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    I went to Fourchon, LA this morning to attend a site survey for a bridge demolition project and when we drove through La Forche, noticed a lot of stopped traffic and polic surrounding a local jr. High School. Apparently a kid took a pot-shot at a teacher with a .25 auto then ran to the rest-room and shot himself in the head. This is sad. WHat kind of world have we built that kids get so frustrated that they imagine doing such a deed and then try to take their own life?
  2. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    There are a million reasons why this happens today. Where should i start? The decline of Judean/Christian teaching and values. The Government (public) school systems. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Movie and TV heroes who operate in a vast gray area without any repercussions. Gone are the days of Good and Evil, and White and Black. Many children today break laws and actually are shocked if when getting caught they are punished. Liberal Judges and public apathy to their decisions. A revolving door Justice system. I had 4 neighborhood kids, ages 17 to 21 who were well know by the local sheriffs office as the usual suspects when it came to local burgleries. They hit my place and got me for about $10,000 in guns, cash, jewelry, booze, etc. I was on these guys like stink on crap. I paid for rap sheets on the adults. The oldest, the ringleader, had a 5 page rap sheet with 15 prior arrests. 7 of them felonies. Other than being arrested, and sitting in jail until until Mommy and Daddy got the money together to bail him out, this man never served a day behind bars. 3 times he was put on 6 months probation, but if you read his rap sheet it was obvious that each and every time he had multiple violations of his probation, but was never held accountable for it. In the 5 months after he hit my place he was arrested 5 times and bonded out 5 times without every making it to trial for any of his crimes. I seriously considered taking all four of their heads and putting them on poles and the four corners of my property. I was also very vocal about the keystone cops and inept judges and the system that allowed these animals to roam free. Cooler heads kept me on the sane side of the legal line and 3 of us victims got together in court each and every time these guys got a bond hearing. We spoke to bondsmen and states attorneys in 3 jurisdictions, and on rare occasions also were allowed to speak at the bond hearing before the court judge. Our efforts got these guys held for almost 2 years while awaiting trial. Delays in trial start were a defense issue, not the prosecution. 3 were found guilty and sentenced to 3 to 4 years each, minus the time spent behind bars awaiting trial. the juvenile was found guilty also but got probation for 3 years. 3 have not returned to crime after serving their sentences. The ringleader god bless is poor little evil heart and idiot brain got caught in a simple burglery 6 weeks after getting out. He was unaware that 3 months before his release my state passed a manditory sentencing guideline that took into account prior felonies. Each felony was worth 30 points, and 360 points would get you life as a career criminal. His 7 felonies worth 210 points got him 15 years of which he would have to serve 85% before being eligible for parole. He is still behind bars. ........ I guess I got off track, and on a rant but it was a story worth telling. We as a country need to get back to our roots and to basics, and a simpler life. God, Country, the Constitution, Right and Wrong that is easily identified, The golden rule, the ten commandments, Home schooling, Accountability, Family values, etc etc etc.
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    A sad story indeed. He had to be full of frustration, desperation, hopelessness. Raised in a world where good role models are gone. Families are broken. Parents are spineless. Kids have no discipline/love in their lives and wouldn't know how to handle it if they did. Respect and responsibility (along with a handful of other virtues) are not learned by, nor expected of, today's youth.

    How is the teacher?
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    He just shot a hole in the ceiling, not even close to hitting the teacher. Kid had a bunch of hand-written plans in his notebook about some fantasy changing into his combat gear and doing a Columbine but he didn't have the gear, just a pocket .25 that he stole from his dad's drawer.
  5. tacmotusn

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    So many questions, so few answers. I hope his soul and his family can find peace. Man alone is weak. I hesitate to go further, but will. Had Christian values and belief in God been part of this equasion, I believe this young man would still be alive and happy.
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    I think he is still alive but in critical condition; at least, that was so early this morning. So many of us waste time pointing fingers and laying blame, but so so few of us would really pray for the choices made by others to be the correct ones. Even when we do not have a dog in the race, we still own the track and are each responsible in our own way.
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    that school is about 20 miles from my house it sucks that they don't let them put metal detctors at the dors or if a child is acting funny or a rumur is going around about a shooting they won't let them search them.the laws of the lands are whats killing us.some laws are good but to many of them and then they start to cancel out the good laws if that makes any sense at all. my son tried to get into my closet not to long ago well lets just say i didn't spare nuthin on him he got his just desserts i was in the bathroom one mornin and my wife yells out that my son had just ran from the roon this was at like 6:30 in the mornin well i noticed my closet door was messed with and he was going through my drawer .i went to his room and he was trying to act like he was sleepin i picked his butt up and body slammed his ass on the floor and asked what the hell was he thinkin i then gave him a ass whoopin from hell and told him next time it might not be an ass whoopin it just might be a bullet because if i'm sleepin and it's dark there should be no reason for a person to be going through my room and rtying to get into my closet thats how people get shot . he asked well what you gonna shoot your own son and i said well if it's dark then how will i know it's you til after i done shot you i ain't gonna ask you to turn the light on!!! he's in jail right now for contempt of court charges he's 14 and was molested when he was younger and that messed with him bad. but kids don't think about what they are doing these days they just do it.
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    Sheriff said they had metal detectors at the doors but just don't use them every day: thought that was kinda funny (not humorous funny but strange funny).
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