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    I have published this on other forums but since weight is always an issue, I decided it was a worthwhile addition to the SM Rifle Forum.

    One of the deciding factors for many people buying a scope mount for their M14/M1A is weight so I did a little visual comparing our Steel, Titanium, and Aluminum Mounts.

    The military opts for the Steel mount even though it is the heaviest of the three but which offer strength, durability, and an affordable price. These mounts are manufactured from heat treated and stress relieved chromemoly steel with a 28-32Rc hardness and are coated with a black Manganese Phosphate (parkerized) finish.

    The Titanium material has a hardness of 26-30 Rc with a Tungsten hardcoat surface finish with a +/- 80 Rc hardness.

    Our newest model is manufactured from 7075 heat treated aircraft aluminum which combines favorable weight with material strength sufficient to withstand the forces of recoil when produced to our solid three point contact design. The standard model has a black hard-coat anodized finish.
    We have experimented and continue to experiment with a variety of finish coating including the tungsten coating used on the titanium model.

    [center:1f600e7173][​IMG] [/center:1f600e7173]
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