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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CRC, Nov 29, 2007.

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    And Thank the Judge....

    Federal prosecutors tried unsuccessfully to force to identify thousands of innocent customers who bought books online, then abandoned the idea after a judge rebuked them.

    In an order that was sealed but has now become public, U.S. District Judge Stephen Crocker rejected the Justice Department's subpoena for details on Amazon's customers and their purchasing habits. Prosecutors had claimed the details would help them prove their case against a former Madison, Wisc., city official charged with tax evasion related to selling used books through Amazon.

    "The subpoena is troubling because it permits the government to peek into the reading habits of specific individuals without their prior knowledge or permission," Crocker wrote in June. Amazon filed the lawsuit to quash the grand jury subpoena.
  2. hartage

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    What did you expect from this administration and a republican congress ? I am sure as time goes on we will uncover more attempts to deny us our freedom and privacy.

    Trent Lott just became one of the many rats jumping ship. I can't wait for the biggest rat to get the hell out of the whitehouse. Maybe our civil liberties and privacy can start healing again after the republican rape. I don't like the dems either but it will be a cold day in hell before I vote republican.
  3. Clyde

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    1. Congress is controlled by the Democrats...Check your stats (Sen. Harry Reid, D-NV, Hon. Nancy Pelosi D-CA You don't get to be Speaker of the House or #1 in senate if your party is not in control therof) They are impotent. Remember: Bill Clinton went after all his opponents and used the IRS as his instrument. Our Government, whether run by Repubs or Dems, is slowly eating our liberties and freedoms in the name of the Public Welfare & Safety.
    2. Repubs have been attacking our freedoms and Dems have been attacking our wallets, together they will both **** us-- one law at a time.
    3. I would bet 95% of all reps/senators are "rats" who make money off the deals they get approved through congress. Reid and Pelosi have both profited from deals just like Lott and the rest of these bastards. The problem is, once they see how much money can be made and how easy it is their personal greed will take over.
    4. Voting Democrat will seal the deal on the growth of government (get ready for really crappy healthcare); Voting Republican (other than Ron Paul) will seal the deal on loss of liberties.
  4. hartage

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    Oh yeah with bush and the republicans in power the government sure got smaller. We lost our civil rights by the boatload, indiscriminate wiretapps out the wazoo, tortures galore, and spending no... hemoraging money like paris hilton on a buying spree. Nevermind putting corrupt scumbags in positions of power (bush's dog gonzales).

    The dems only came to majority after people got sick of republican rape. I don't like the dems either for much the same reasons you do. But it will still be a cold day in hell before I'm stupid enough to vote republican for ANYTHING. After what they put us through.
  5. Clyde

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    I am not a Bushy...He has been the worst president in modern history as far as I am concerned. But, was I supposed to vote for Kerry?

    Both parties are about growing government now. Bush has turned out to be a progressive republican which means he is a right leaning democrat in republican clothing.

    Bush doesn't make laws....Congress makes laws and the President signs them....Under the guise of safety and patriotism, our congressmen ****ed the constitution and the people by passing the laws that allowed our government to grow the way it has. All these bastards are guilty of growing government....People give the president too much power, Congress has the power to end all this by passing laws that revoke previous laws. They don't want to do this because they lack the spine. Throw em all out of office.

    Hartage: I like your fire, but your stict anti-republicanism and dislike for Bush clouds your reasoning on occasion. Think beyond the parties and look at the other 540 people who govern this country. All have piled on spending bill after spending bill to get something for their constituents at home. And the administrator signed the damn spending bills to get what he wanted money for. It's a giant club of colluding bastards trying to stay in power by spending our future today with debt after debt after debt. They are addicted to power and spending and they Phuck us every Phucking day.
  6. hartage

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    Yeah, it burns me up to see our "government" spending hundreds of billions on other countries/wars while I watch our own economy and people wither. Last I checked hunger is still a massive problem inside our own country. Most middle class that have 2/3 jobs are barely or cannot afford healthcare. We spend money to piss on others. Why not put it back in our pants and help OUR OWN FREAKING PEOPLE for a change ?

    My thinking clouded ? maybe. 7 years of opressive hell tends to do that. I might forgive but I sure as hell don't forget. REPUBLICANS are responsible for bush and till recently congress. If you dislike bush why not dislike those that put him in power ?
  7. hacon1

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    Very well said![ditto][applaud]
  8. hacon1

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    Clyde you are 100% correct!

    Hartage, who is it exactly that you thought would have done a better job? It's not like there were a lot of great choices, just degrees of evil.

    Besides Ron Paul, this time, it is worse this time than last!
  9. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    "Impeachment is off the table??"
    Guess whosaid that?
    starts with a P., ends with an I. The whole ship is questionable.
  10. hacon1

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    Very well said Tango3.

    The dem's took office and made a million promises that they haven't kept....not a single one.

    To some degree, they are all in it together.
  11. hartage

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    Who would have done a better job ? Gore.... before anybody flipps from hearing that name hear me out.

    Gore would have just extended clinton's old policies. Look at Yugoslavia, much the same in some ways religeous strife (muslim vs christian) and worse in other ways. (flat out genocide). We bombed the heck out of them but chose a way to resolve without the kind of troop deaths we have now. Result ? Yugoslavia did not turn into a terrorist hotbed like iraq is now.

    Afganistan is a terrorist hotbed and now so is pakistan AND iraq. Our problems are only being magnified not reduced because of our bumbling great leader.

    Anybody else would have done a better job. I don't even care if NADER became president. HE would have done a better job. Hell your pet dog would have done a better job. (meaning doing absolutely nothing)

    The current lineup ? I don't really know. I would have looked at ron paul if he had an independent affiliation. I don't know who I'm voting for or who is better. I however can guarantee you I'm not voting for anybody that is a republican. I'm so not going to get burned twice by the same people.
  12. pgrass101

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    I get tried of hearing who would have done what better....

    We are in the crapper now and that's what we need to worry about. Arguing about how we got covered in sh!t doesn't get rid of the stink.

    We need to focus on how to get out of the toilet not who put us there.
  13. hartage

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    I agree with you mostly. But if you don't take into account WHO put us in the toilet they will do so again.
  14. hacon1

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    We will never see eye to eye on Gore are correct about my dog (either of them). Pretty smart animals![rofllmao]

    I'll keep this short because we are getting off topic. I have issues with Ron Paul as well but all things considered.......he might be the only honest man in the group....for both sides.

    Back on topic: Finally, the courts rule in the favor of the people. More importantly they ruled in favor of the Constitution.

    Lets see how they handle the D.C. gun case. This is going to be huge and is a little worrysome.
  15. Seacowboys

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    Absolutely correct.
    If we continue to divide into arguing factions, that is exactly the death-knell towards fixing the problem. We all see the problem. If we keep standing around pointing at it and complaining, it will not get fixed. I am a damage control professional by trade. The one central focus I always use in training my troops is to step back from the crowd that is pointing at the problem and complaining, look at what possible solutions exist or may be turned to your advantage, form a planned sollution and impliment said plan.
  16. hartage

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    If that plan in any way involves impeachment I'm game !!
  17. pgrass101

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    We have put ourselves in this situation by asking and then expecting the goverment to take of us. The goverment should ensure that we are all treated equally, not rebuild my house after a Hurricane blows it away.

    A dependent class of people has been created with LBJ's great society and they have built a power base for which ever party secures them their "entitlement" programs.
  18. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    I think most of us spend too much time pointing at symptoms rather than attacking the disease that created them. That sneeze isn't going to stop your nose from running and that antihistamine isn't going to make the cold go away, even if it does make you feel better for a little while. That is where I see the proble,; there are no solutions that anyone wants to take other than the temporary measures that make some of us feel a little better for a short while. We have gotten conditioned to believing that if we control the symptoms, the illness will eventually just go away, like a cold. The real problem is that some diseases are fatal and the one that attacked our home is more deadly than the aids virus.
  19. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    can't eat blame...
    "Good evening ladies and gentleman, I have been your president for the past 8 years ,many among our fellow citizens have decried the steps I have taken to protect our country from a wholly new kind of enemy. I have taken bold steps some claim qualifies me a s a criminal dividing the country and usurping our constitution.I make no excuses; I believe we have survived the previous 7years after the attacks on 911without further death and destruction at the hands of our enemies because of these necessary changes in our society,.

    We have weathered the storm. In order to begin the healing I am resigning my presidency and will surrender to the special prosecutor at noon tomorrow in the oval office ., the vice president will step up and will carry out the rest of this administrations' term until the next scheduled elections are complete. I will plead guilty to all charges being leveled by the current special prosecutor."

    Now where are we??
    Blame assigned/accepted sentencing to follow.
    We're Stillleft with problems to fix.!
  20. hartage

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    When a bank robber robs a bank and gets caught 8 blocks later the money is returned right ? The "harm" is undone right ? Why don't we just have him be liable for the wage of the first responders and be done with it ? He HAS to go to jail because he still made the poor decision of stealing. Bush still lied, money was spent, troops died because of that lie. How else are we to deter the next president from another blatant lie that costs money and lives ?
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