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    For those maybe interested in low head hydro power found this site and info, these small units generate in AC which means you could transmit the power over longer distances from the unit to the location needed. ScottHydroElectric – 24/7 Clean Hydro Power
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    It's probably higher frequency AC which if not matched to wire size is not good for longer distance.
    Higher inductance losses if the wires are underground.
    But there are no specific numbers as to frequency, volts, amps, ect.
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    Don't know, just going by what it said on there site.
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    "130 to 200 volts AC output rectified to DC for charge controller for battery setup, or grid connection" I would say that with a varying rate of flow, that would produce varying frequencies and voltages. The above statement is from their web page indicating the output is rectified, so; they don't care what the frequency or voltage is since the charge controller will take care of regulating the output to charge a batter array. That given, connect a 240VAC inverter to the battery output and you have a means for transmission.

    This could definitely be part of a power generating system when combined with solar, and a standby generator.
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    Banki or Mitchell system. Looks well made and by using AC output and changing it to dc as well as batteries used as large capacitors, gets rid of major problems of those units, hard to maintain a constant output speed and difficult to compensate for varying loads. That type of turbine system system is the easiest to home build, lots of info on net on construction, and perfect for low heads and in that size range for smaller flow rates, uses a 6 in pipe and will work down to about 20 feet of head. At about $5,000 for basic unit, the reliability and off the shelf availability make it cost competitive, still need pipe, batteries, inverters, house for it, wiring, permits for state and feds, won't be cheap, but if taken care of should last for many years.
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    That means the alternator has probably been rewound for higher voltage.
    It's not very difficult for me at least, to convert an automotive alt output AC.
    The only reasons you do this is better cooling for the alt, put in a bigger, higher voltage better cooled rectifier if you plan to abuse the hell out of it.
    Say using an automotive alt as a welder.
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    Just looking at the Vid / system , Pelton wheel on a
    NOPE !
    Permanent Magnet on two rotors with twin stators
    Twin PM rotors / PM field on magnets that are swept forward are low resistance to turn .
    Voltage to 600Vac at huge HZ is easy with a 3 setup diode trio !! ..

    Id love to have that amount of head ( ;) ) but Im on the top of the hill , so water wheel is my only choice

    Edit ADD :

    You need a CC that is HYDRO in it's menu ,, See Midnight Classic and the Mario Kid can be set for Hydro and trimmed in for water flows , this way the sweeps will not make the load resistance stop the wheel, thats when the wheels get damaged
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